My Easter Holidays And March Recaps

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    I would start this post by saying, merry easter once again to everyone in this community, I know you would have probably heard this word many times over since last week till now, so Merry easter.


    I know easter is always packed with fun especially if you have kids or younger ones at home.
    truth be told, I love this year easter, not because of the foods available because I didn't even eat much, going out on holidays is also not my thing, I love to stay home during important celebrations and just eat, play football and watch movies, I know this are boring things to do for some people but not for me.

    this easter holds great blessings and uncommon updates, most of the crypto currency updates I'm into are listing this month, bitcoins halving is in this month that's some days after easter, we are currently in the bull run season, so before this easter I was very much happy till now because of the anticipation I had and still have.

    all works no play makes jack a dumb boy, but if you love what you do then you won't feel like you have worked a day

    I don't need a vacation to validate my happiness, it's not that vacations are a bad thing but after you come back from vacations you pretty much come back to the problems you fled from or pretend not to have
    I love going on vacations with my peace of mind.

    well as I have said this year is built for great things, I have much to recap on, first of all I want to take this medium to thank the one person who created all people, that's God Almighty, I'm a big believer in the creator, he has been my Alpha and Omega, I don't know how I got here but I'm here all because of God's grace.

    well I also recaped that I made a lot of valuable friends that added more financial intelligence and updates to me, its said that, a day with a great teacher or friend is better than 50 years of study,
    it only takes a little piece of information from the right person to change your status.

    my Senior brother also did is wedding engagement this year and even though I didn't attend because I was far away it was a dream come true, we have never really had any open celebrations in my family before, not even birthdays.

    i also moved to another state entirely, though stressful but it was worth it, I'm grateful for the steps I took this year, and for the first time in a very long time I can look into the future with untainted hope and believe that things are about to change for good.

    Thanks for your time
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