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    God is a God of justice.


    God can never be a surpporter of injustice, whether you are His child or not, you will not go unpunished. That's is why he is the God of the poor and the rich, He fights for them all.

    In the Bible, the birth of Ishmael was not the consequence of Abraham mistakes, it was the vengeance for Sarai's Maltreatment. God said "I have seen your affliction".

    Because you are a person of covenant does not mean you can maltreat people who are under you. There is a God who sees. If you check all the blessings that came on Ishmael was because they try to maltreat him. Even though you were given birth in the wrong way or in times of trouble, God will still fight for you. He is the God of justice.

    El-roi, the one who sees us. What ought not to be can become because of injustice. God can lift any man irrespective of their background or where they are coming from.

    If you study the Bible very well you see that the jealousy of God always defends the poor. It was so serious that God said, "He that give to the poor lend to me".

    God is the defender of the poor and the needy. He is a God of justice.

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      Yes God purnish those who disobey his laws