Don't Overthink It, Just Start

in voilk •  14 days ago


    So there has been this idea that I have been trying to materialize. Truth be told, it hasn't been easy for me putting them together.

    Although I am at the the verge of completion, but here's one thing that kept me in one spot for so long. It was how to start. Can you imagine?

    I have been wondering how to start, but then, there's no perfect way to start. You don't think about starting. You just START.



    Imagine a guy standing and wants to take a walk from where he's at that time. Thinking about how to move will not make him move. He just have to put out one of his legs and move.

    While it is very important to plan, no matter how beautiful your plan is, without starting, you may not know how effective the planning process was. It is after you have started you may begin to see areas that need adjustment.


    But then, there's something as important as starting off and it is FINISHING WHAT YOU START.

    As a science student, I was taught that the end product of digestion of carbohydrates is glucose. Just imagine the digestion started but didn't get completed, the whole start up process will be pointless because it didn't get to the end product that is useful.

    So as you make up your mind to start, you may find need to make some adjustments along the way, but ensure you do your best to drive what you have started to its very end. That's when you will see the real results.

    Cheers 🥂
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