Do I Deserve A Mother's Day Greeting?

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    Hello mommies! Happy Mother's Day to all mother out there!

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    (Image edited and downloaded thru Canva)

    Maybe someone out there is asking themselves the title of this Blog.

    Do I Deserve A Mother's Day Greeting?

    We mothers have a big tendency to doubt ourselves. We question our worth at times...we question why our kids doesn't behave the way we want them to it our fault? Did we do something wrong?

    Maybe yes...but I just want to encourage everyone who doubts themselves that while we are mothers, we are not made to be PERFECT. We CAN be bad at times and we CAN make mistakes.

    What's important is that our heart is filled with love for our kids, for our families...we may have failed but we tried our best and that is for the good of our child/children. It's okay to make mistakes...atleast we tried and learn from it and be a better mother after that failure.

    And you know what's great about being a mom?

    Even if we fail, even if we yell at our kids at times, they will still run to us when they're in pain, when they're sad, when they need love.

    Whether we are a working mom or a House mom, our role is still very important. Our kids look up to us.

    So I am encouraging everyone who doubts themselves. Cheer on fellow mom! We deserve to be greeted today! HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU! Always remember:You're doing great!!

    I also want to share this image they sent me today:

    (this maybe downloaded somewhere but I can't find it exactly so I'm sorry if I can't properly mention the owner)
    This image is a reminder that mother's day is not just for moms who delivered a baby but also to those who are doing a mom's job, whether you're a father, an aunt, a sister...Thank you for filling in the role.

    again, Happy mother's day to US!

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