Along the lake side in Locarno

in voilk •  15 days ago

    A charming beautiful city with a mediterranean climate, picturesque landscapes, and a charming old town. It was a short trip with beautiful weather in the nature with mountains, palm trees, lake, fine food and long walks. This beautiful town offers many range of relaxing activities.


    All in all a great relaxing day. We have to be strong inside if you want to get through the world, but we can always recharge our batteries in nature as well as for free, so we are not feeling down and out. With a lot of interesting activities you will never feel bored just happy.






    I can't decide whether it was that I enjoyed most again on this new visitin Locarno,the lake, the mountain, old town, history or the delicious food, I think it's all in a package.



    Thanks for your visit, have agreat day!

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