Lovely Gifts From Nature

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    Hello, Nature lovers! I'm Thoon who always amaze and love with nature's beauty.
    Today I would like to share my sweet and funny memories with nature and one of our traditional meal.


    Before I share my memories, let's me briefly introduce about our hometown. Our hometown name is Kalaw and also known as Pine Land. Kalaw is a small hill town that is located at the Southern Shan State of Myanmar. The climate is mostly cool and surrounded by forests.

    Nature's Gift

    Today I would like to share one of our traditional meal that received from nature. We call "ထင်းရှူးမှို (htainn shuumhao)", that is also known as "Lactifluus volemus (weeping milk cap)".

    Lactifluus Volemus grows around the forest. This mushroom is only available in rainy season. During the rainy season, the villagers go to the forest to look for mushrooms.
    There are so many kinds of mushroom around the forest. If you are not the villager, you will have a hard time to classify eatable or not.

    True Story

    Let me share one of my funny true story. May be I was around 7 years old. I have never been to forest to look for mushroom. One day, I requested my mom and went to the forest together with my cousins.

    (Photos for weather reference)

    We were looking for mushrooms almost all day. The weather is humid and sometimes it rains in the forest. When we climbed on the mountain, we slip in the mud again and again. Our whole body were covered with mud. But I brought all the mushroom, if they had similar color and shape with Lactifluus Volemus.

    When we arrived the home, we showed all the mushrooms that we brought to our aunty. When my turned, my aunt laughed a lot. Because out of all the mushrooms I brought, only 2 mushrooms were edible. 🤭
    I was shocked because my whole body were pain and dirty but I could only bring edible 2 mushrooms to home. After this case I rarely go to look for mushroom again.

    (All the mushrooms in the photos are edible. Because I took them when I went with my mom. 😁)

    All these pictures were taken around 2018. When I went with my family to have fun.

    Spicy Sauteed Mushroom

    Let me share how we eat that mushroom.
    The ingredients are so simple.
    • Lactifluus Volemus
    • Chili
    • Garlic
    • Basils
    • Cooking oil, sault & some season

    Ingredients are so simple but this spicy sauteed mushroom is really delicious. This is one of our traditional and famous food ever.

    Side Note

    This mushroom can edible too. But their taste are different.

    This mushroom taste is the best among all mushrooms. I will share if I have a chance.

    That is one of the story how we enjoy with the nature in our hometown. I hope you enjoy it.
    Have a nice day. See you.


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