Found a very beautiful mosque building when I was on my way

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    The story of my journey while in Langsa City. a city rich in thousands of stories, happy stories and also sad stories. I am a person who likes traveling, I have visited almost all places in Aceh, and now I am in the city of Langsa. In today's post I will share some very beautiful images. Yes, those are some pictures of mosque buildings in Langsa City.

    Important: this is my post about my trip to Langsa City. Here I do not intend to discuss any religion. Because this is a post about my trip and some pictures of beautiful mosques that I took during the trip.

    So as usual. I am a person who really likes to travel long distances and I have been in Langsa city for several days, so I have traveled to every tourist spot in Langsa.

    While on the way I saw a very magnificent building with very beautiful architecture, I approached this place and I took several pictures in this place, and this place is a mosque in Langsa City.

    And I took several pictures of this mosque from the outside with the extraordinary beauty of the building and its architecture.

    Amazing building. I really like the architecture of this building. And this mosque is right near Jalan Rasa, Langsa City, so on my way I found this very beautiful mosque building.

    This mosque building is very beautiful when viewed from the outside. So I thought about entering the mosque. Before I enter, I clean my feet first so that my feet are clean before entering this mosque. Adab is the most important thing wherever we are.

    And I saw someone who might be the mosque guard and I asked permission to take some pictures inside the mosque building. After chatting for a while, I was allowed to take some beautiful pictures inside the mosque.

    Because my feet had been cleaned beforehand, I immediately entered the mosque. When I arrived inside, I was very surprised by the beauty of this mosque, the architecture was truly extraordinary. I was immediately amazed and speechless because of its beauty.

    I immediately took my cell phone and photographed every corner of this mosque, without leaving a single corner, and I captured all these beautiful images in this beloved community. This is truly a journey that is not in vain.

    look up and you will discover true architectural beauty. this is truly extraordinary.

    After I took several pictures inside this mosque building, I looked around which corners I had not taken photos of, after looking around I was surprised to find that this mosque building had a second floor. Without further delay, I immediately went up to the second floor.

    After I arrived on the second floor, I was immediately amazed again by the beauty of the building on the second floor, and I took several pictures above.

    And this is the view from the second floor to the first floor

    It's so beautiful. After I took photos inside the mosque building, I immediately rested for a moment before continuing my journey again, because that day was very hot.

    After everything was finished, I also thanked the mosque building guard who had given me permission to take some beautiful pictures of the mosque building.

    After that I immediately continued my journey again. In my heart this is a very pleasant trip for me, apart from that I can enjoy my holiday. I can also share beautiful photos of the places I visited during my travels.

    Do you also like long journeys?

    If you like long trips, you can immediately share a little of your experience in the comments column below 👇👇

    Maybe I will only be in Langsa City for a few more days, before continuing my journey to other cities in Aceh.

    For me traveling is a very enjoyable thing. we can feel nature and it can make us think clearly, I am very happy on every trip I take.

    here are some photos and my story from this trip. If I make a mistake in what I said or wrote, I apologize profusely because I am a human being who never escapes mistakes.

    And I hope all my friends enjoy every picture and story that I share today from the story of my journey to discover this very beautiful mosque building.

    The images and stories are purely mine, I did not plagiarize anything from other people's content, I took the images using an Infinix 10 Pro cellphone and edited the images using the Lightroom application.

    I @riyat would like to thank my friends who have supported me all this time, without you I probably wouldn't have been able to get this far. once again thank you all hive friends.

    See you in my next post, all hive friends❤❤

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