chicken of the woods

in voilk •  12 days ago

    there are not so many edible fungi to choose from in spring but one of the best and most impressive is Laetiporus sulphureus chicken of the woods or sulphur shelf.

    Laetiporus sulphureus is not a single species and there are other closely related fungi that are called chicken of the woods because of their texture and taste are reminiscent of chicken.

    they grow on dead trees, especially oaks but also on stumps of different trees.

    they are very easy to spot because of their intense yellow orange color

    when young they are soft and spongy with irregular shapes

    often growing in clusters which can become huge

    so it doesn't take many to make a good meal cooked like you would cook chicken filet

    they have to be picked young though, as they quickly become pale and chalky and full of insects

    and it's rather disappointing to find them in this state, wishing you had been there just a few days earlier

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