Morning Run: parkrun 117

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    steevc just finished a 5.03km run, that lasted for 27 minutes.
    This run helped steevc burn 363.0 calories.

    Description from Strava:
    I have not done parkrun in a few weeks. I could have done one in Salzburg last week, but it did not work out. It was good to be back at the lakes today. The conditions were great as it was dry, but not too warm. As I walked around to the start a guy was sneezing away. I asked if it was hayfever as I was suffering yesterday. I was okay this morning, but will take a tablet for it.

    I saw some of the regulars at the start. We always get some 'tourists' too. As we set off I was in quite a crowd, but they soon spread out. The course was fine with just the usual couple of muddy patches. You can see my legs were pretty clean.

    There's a younger guy who is always really competitive. He and I switched places several times and I thought I had lost him on the second lap, but he came back. I went past him again later and stayed ahead. I also had my eye on another regular who is a few years older than me, but he has got quicker recently. I kept him in sight, but could not quite catch him at the finish. Having those two push me on resulted in my best time of the year. That gives me hope of further improvement.

    I was about half way down the finishers which is okay really. There was a little girl in a 100 parkruns shirt with her dad who had a 500 shirt. You can see everyone's statistics on the site and I can see that she has done loads of different events. Some people are really into it. I do regret not doing Salzburg, but I did not feel it was worth the extra hassle of getting to the location in the rain.

    I will volunteer again soon.

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    About the Athlete: Older guy trying to keep fit, but still hope to go quicker.


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