The Psychology of Fear

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    Hey dear community, first of all I hope that you had a weekend that was full of positive experiences! In this post, I would like to discuss an interesting topic from a psychological point of view and hope you are able to expand your knowledge.


    There are some pictures of things that can scare some people and of course this must always be considered individually and if you feel fear, this is also perceived as a feeling of threat and fear can arise from the level of consciousness as well as the subconscious. Fear does not always have to be linked to certain actions and often certain spontaneous thoughts are enough to create fear and there are numerous influencing factors such as external stimuli that reinforce this feeling and the different situations are viewed differently by each person and often people are not even aware of their own fears and are triggered by the subconscious. Through our subconscious, certain moments in which people have felt fear are linked to certain places and if you have been in a place where you have previously experienced fear feelings, these places are usually automatically avoided and if you want to learn more about the connections with the subconscious, I can recommend this post here in which I have already gone into the topic in more detail. As a result of fear, physical symptoms arise and usually it happens that the body temperature rises and you start to sweat and in worse cases it can lead to shortness of breath to absolute loss of reality and there are numerous things that can increase this and if a person has a fear reaction, he should avoid stimuli that can reinforce the feeling. If you already have certain diseases that trigger similar symptoms such as shortness of breath, it can even happen that they are additionally more pronounced and if, for example, there is severe shortness of breath, this is also often linked to shock states which is due to the fact that the oxygen content is too low and at this moment anxiety can be extremely threatening and that is definitely not to be joked.

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    If fears are becoming dominant and occurs regularly, anxiety disorders can occur and here, too, the emergence can always be considered individually and this includes certain thought patterns, personal circumstances, medication, inheritance and much more. While you feel fear, some parts of the brain are particularly active and in addition, the nervous system is disturbed and there is a release of various stress hormones and in itself fear can also be considered as a kind ofd natural protective mechanism which you cannot control so easy and can show numerous negative effects. Influencing factors are also often things that you suppress and many fear reactions are often deeper than expected and closely linked to complex systems and behind many psychological or physical diseases there is often fear as the cause and it often happens that this is not always diagnosed correctly and especially with the physical reactions that can result from it, this is not always easy. Fears are hidden in every person, even when some often do not want to admit this and it can also be considered as a typical reaction that belongs to the human being and it is also interesting that you can learn to control your fears specifically by confronting them, and with increasing age the fears often increase more, although you always have to look at this individually as already mentioned above. I hope this post shows how powerful our psyche actually is and, I would like to mention at the end that in case of illness you should consult your doctor or pharmacist!



    Thank you for the visit and I hope you could learn something new about this exciting topic! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens and the lightning with iPhone 12.

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