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in life •  14 days ago

    Principle; 'Aware, but not distracted.'

    Original photography and editing by Bleujay




    'Still Life..The Yellow Rose in Situ', 'Still Life ...Black and White'
    *and 'The Yellow Rose'....

    Greetings Dear Readers,

    Hope you are well.

    This incredible Spring has produced from Bleujay's garden a cornucopia of flowers....from Daffs, to Tulips and many Roses.

    Pictured here from the Rose Garden is the David Austin Rose...'Charlotte'.

    The Principle...'Aware, but not distracted.' one that is applicable to everyone...yet for different it not.

    A Principle that sets your mind to...Thinking...hope you will enjoy thinking on it.

    Thank you for dropping by. ^__^

    Kind Regards,


    Principles are timeless truths, proverbs, and precepts presented here for our ponderance.

    Original Watercolour Painting and Drawing by Bleujay.



    'Two Garden Roses'

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