The best kitty

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    These are rare, apocryphal and secretly taken photos of Professor Shisho staring into... nothingness (from the simple human perspective).

    Professor Shisho is the best kitty I have, that is, he is the kitten with the best heart. But sometimes I feel like he's brainwashed, because of his impulsive and bold actions, which often lack any reason. And because of his crazy look sometimes, I've told you about it.
    And these pictures also show what a freak he is. 😸
    But anyway, no kitty has a better heart than his.


    I have personally seen him with my eyes and heard him with my ears, how, catching a mouse or a bird, he carries it into the garden, and sometimes makes those pitiful longing sounds which a mother makes to her kittens when she is teaching them to catch mice and brings such. He does this for his brother Assencho, who is a rather lazy and timid kitten and doesn't get out of the garden much to hunt or explore the world. Honestly, have you ever seen anything like this between cat siblings?😹
    And when I say kittens, they are both actually now 4-year-old big, over 5-pound cats.🤭


    There is one more thing. Shisho is the only one of our three cats who has given me a mouse. He's done this twice already. He brought a mouse and laid it at my feet - the good kitty! He's mommy's best kitty 😻

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