What is Voilk AirDrop?

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    Hi Friends,

    Today I am going to tell about the AirDrop program of Voilk Network, It is designed in a way that, people who participate in it, help promote the project, and in return get a reward for it.

    Voilk's Airdrop Program

    Details about the program are mentioned below.

    The rewards: 500,000 $VOILK Coins
    45000 participants [FCFS] who completed all the tasks without exception will receive 6.25 $VOILK Coins each

    👉🏻️ Referral: 3.75 $VOILK Coins
    Top 10 referrals will share 50,000 $VOILK Coins among themselves
    🥇1st place 15,000 $VOILK Coins get
    🥈 2nd place 10,000 $VOILK Coins get
    🥉 3rd place 7500 $VOILK Coins get
    4th to 10th place 2500 $VOILK Coins each
    Visit our Telegram bot, to participate in the airdrop:

    Airdrop ends on 6 April. Distribution of awards 13 April

    This airdop is organized, by Voilk Network & Legit Community
    Visit their post for it: https://twitter.com/Airdrop_LC/status/1635221567453134848

    You can check, your referrals, using the affiliates portal


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