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    What is Voilk? world's first Crypto Social network.

    Voilk is a blockchain based, decentralized, rewarding, crypto social network, where you get rewarded in VOILK cryptocurrency, on every like that you give or receive to a post.
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    Voilk rewards it's users, in a unique, decentralized way, where distribution of the rewards is directly in the hands of the users, without any need for a central controlling authority.
    Voilk also offers it's users, an affiliates network, exchange markets, wallet features, for both the VOILK and VSD cryptocurrencies, swaper app, which helps with the deposits and cashouts, using metamask and binance smart chain and an app called Voilk App, which can be downloaded from the google's Playstore.


    Basically, it is a social network, where you can create posts, share photos, post comments, hit likes, follow profiles etc, but the difference is that when you like a post, or get a like to your post, you get rewarded, in VOILK cryptocurrency.

    Voilk's Cryptocurrency is similar but very different from the Bitcoin, unlike Bitcoin, Voilk's miners(we call them witnesses) get only 15% of the block reward, rest of the reward is added to the community's reward pool, which users like you, distribute with the power of their likes. You heard it, just like the posts, and distribute the VOILK cryptocurrency.
    Users who have more staked VOILKs(aka Power) in their wallets, direct more rewards from the pool, towards their favorite posts,

    Voilk is developed to store large amounts
    of content on the blockchain and is available for anyone to
    browse and make use of it. The content which users create is
    monetized in a time based schedule. When you publish a post, it then can start receiving likes for the next 7 days, every like is worth some VOILKs, depending upon the POWER of the user, how much reward is there in the pool, how much like strength was used by the liker, a post reward is distributed into two parts, 75% to the author of the post and 25% to the likers.

    Visit this link to read the basic information about the project.

    If you want more information, download our whitepaper


    Every project needs funding, for IEOs, Listings on public exchanges, Promotion, events, office expenditure, market making and further developement of the project.

    We are offering, a presale ICO program, which will kick start the project.
    Price: 1$/VOILK
    Amount: 300,000

    Voilk's Coin Supply is roughly 20,500,000, which is close to that of bitcoin's, and 1$ is extremely affordable price, for the presale,
    Details about the ICOs and Presale can be found on our Swaper app.

    Airdrop Program:

    The rewards: 500,000 $VOILK Coins
    45000 participants [FCFS] who completed all the tasks without exception will receive 6.25 $VOILK Coins each

    👉🏻️ Referral: 3.75 $VOILK Coins
    Top 10 referrals will share 50,000 $VOILK Coins among themselves
    🥇1st place 15,000 $VOILK Coins get
    🥈 2nd place 10,000 $VOILK Coins get
    🥉 3rd place 7500 $VOILK Coins get
    4th to 10th place 2500 $VOILK Coins each
    Visit our Telegram bot, to participate in the airdrop: https://t.me/VoilkNetworkBot

    Voilk is a constantly evolving and innovative decentralized Crypto social
    Network, that aims to fuel mass adoption of blockchain
    technology and
    cryptocurrencies. It makes available, possible opportunities
    to both its userbase and to the general public. The performance
    of the blockchain is designed to scale with widespread adoption
    of the
    currency and platforms in mind. Voilk's competitive apps and user interfaces, lightning fast
    processing times and fee-less transactions, are leaving behind all the other social networks.

    Basic Information => https://welcome.voilk.com/
    Account registration => https://signup.voilk.com/register
    Swaper => https://swaper.voilk.com
    Olympus => https://voilk.com/user/voilkapp
    Social => https://social.voilk.com/@voilkapp
    Explorer => https://explorer.voilk.com
    Market => https://voilk.com/market, https://social.voilk.com/market
    Like worth Estimator => https://voilk.com/calculator
    Promoters Portal => https://affiliates.voilk.com/signin
    voilkApp => https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.voilkapp
    Api Endpoint => https://api.voilk.com
    Universal Seed node => https://seed.voilk.com:3331
    Github => https://github.com/voilknetwork
    Image Hosting service => https://images.voilk.com/
    Support Email: support@voilk.com
    Telegram: https://t.me/voilkers
    Telegram Chat: https://t.me/voilkchatgroup
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/VoilkNetwork
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoilkNetwork
    Discord: https://discord.gg/KSBNcDpjDR


      Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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