What is Voilk Affiliates?

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    Hi friends,

    Today, I am going to introduce, you to the affiliates platform, which you can use to invite users to the Voilk network, and get a reward for your referrals.

    Work as an affiliate with Voilk Network and get 3.75 VOILKs for every user that joins using your referral link.
    => Voilk's coin Supply is on 20 Million
    => Grab as many VOILKs as you can

    Step no 1:

    Visit this link, and login to the affiliates portal, using your username, and posting Key.

    When you login to your account, you are redirected towards the dashboard, where you can see, how many users you have invited so far, along with your balances.

    Step no 2:

    Visit the Airdrop tab, which will provide you, the information about the referral rewards, which you will receive, when you invite a user to the Voilk Network, using your referral link.

    Step no 3:

    After completing, the airdrop steps, you are ready to, get your affiliates link, and start inviting users.
    Keep in mind, if you won't complete the Airdrop steps, you won't receive any referral rewards.

    Step no 4:

    Keep on growing, on the leaderboard, and maintain your top position. you can also check other promoters here, it's a good idea, to make friends and collaborate.

    First 45k users, will get 6.25 VOILKs, airdrop, when they complete the airdrop steps.

    Referral reward is 3.75 VOILKs, for every user that joins with your link, and participates in the airdrop program.

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