A New Phone Photography Contest!

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    There is a new contest in the FeelGood Community! You can see the New Contest Announcement HERE Be sure and read the rules and you could receive 101 Ecency POINTS just for entering

    This is a contest for photos taken with your PHONE called PHONOGRAPHY and is hosted by @untilwelearn. Be sure and use the #phonography tag and POST into the Feel Good Community.This week's contest ends at post payout!



    I seldom take photos with my phone, except to capture a shot of a serial number on an appliance, or to do a quick inventory of my pantry shelf before I grocery shop!

    I did find this photo of a delicious restaurant dinner of Surf and Turf. Lobster tails, a beef steak, and roasted artichokes!

    Phone photos are best for food, because usually all you want to do is begin eating!

    I'm quite excited about this seeing the entries for this contest.

    5% of this posts rewards go to @untilwelearn
    5% goes to @ecency
    Remember to support the contests and communities that you enjoy

    gif by @doze

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