Gather relatives to eat and send dear friends back to Thailand.

in voilk •  7 days ago

    Hello to all friends, today I brought the atmosphere of eating to welcome my dear friend back to Thailand. My family and I took a friend to eat at a hot pot restaurant that I had eaten before and said it was very delicious in Malaysia, so I took My friend went to eat and she said it was really delicious. Next time I come back to Malaysia again, I told her to please bring my father and mother because they have never been on a plane before. I'm afraid that they will both... You two will be afraid, but if you have her as a friend, you probably won't be worried about getting on a plane again. I will have a friend take me to travel during Chinese New Year because it is a long holiday and I can take you two on a trip. Malaysia can get that.

    And this is what the food that my family and I ordered for my friends to eat that very day looked like the food at this restaurant. No matter how many times I've been to this restaurant, I haven't been disappointed. The delicious taste has never changed, and now the restaurant has renovated and decorated it. Sit up more than before. There is a chance that next time my family comes, I will definitely have to take you two to try the food at this restaurant again. Thank you very much to all my friends who still stop by and visit my website all the time. Sometimes I don't write and post my travels or eat at any restaurants. When I do, all my friends still stop by to give me encouragement.
    Thank you.

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