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    In life, the matter of health and safety should be paramount as any threat to life shouldn't be taken with levity. There are times when unforseen circumstances happen which no desires like accidents, trauma, injuries etc and there is need for an immediate action. The knowledge of first aids i.e. first set of care given to a person at the site of the happening is what everyone should be acquainted with because it can save a life especially in the home because injuries happens in the home than we can think of.

    The knowledge of first aid is part of what is learnt in school especially the secondary school as i remembered that it was part of my duties than as a health prefect boy during my secondary school days. There were an incidents then of various degrees of injuries sustained during sporting activities and also during agricultural engagements on the school farm with the knowledge of first aid coming into rescue because there was a first aid kit. For example, there was a time when the cutlass hit a student on the leg mistakingly and first aid was administered right away.


    Also, the knowledge of first aid administration has helped in various degrees of home injuries like cuts e.g. knive cuts, abrasions, needle pricks etc. There was a time of slippery fall in the home due to water that was poured on the ground stepped on wearing frictionless slippers, my brother fell to the ground and through first aid application, it was resolved. One of the profound first aid application was when a roommate of mine back in the university had a snake bite in the night while coming from the bukafteria. On getting to the hostel, the leg was tied quickly with a rope at the upper level and the some first aids applied before quickly rushing to the health centre where he was later admitted and attended to.

    As a health practicioner, there was a time a road traffic accident victim was rushed to where i worked then sustaining injuries, the injuries were taken care of applying various first aid and in some case, some were referred for proper medical attention in n severe cases. At another time, there was a case of burns through a hot oil splash, the victim was taken out of the area and first aids were applied. The situation was normalise and proper treatment given afterward. During my National Service year, a fellow corp member who is a female sustained an injury while cooking, i was called upon and first aids were applied. She got well and the injury was healed.


    It is highly recommended that first aid kit be available in schools, houses, workplace etc to help manage situations of injuries even before proper medical attention is soughted. No wonder standard organizations and companies makes their staffs to undergo health safety trainings including first aids as perculiar to different organizations or companies. The importance of the knowledge of first aids cannot be overemphasized and has been helpful over the years. Thank you for reading and comments/contributions are welcomed.

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