True Friendship is the greatest Flex

in voilk •  19 days ago

    Most times we hear stories of friends hurting friends and it scares us and puts us in fright and makes us begin to have trust issues or not want to mingle with people especially people that are very close to us.

    We begin to suspect everyone around us because of the horrible and horrifying stories we hear or watch friends do to friends, we begin to doubt our friends and begin to stay clear but then in as much as the world is horrific and needs us to be extra careful, there is something we always forget, there are genuine friendships out there.

    In fact, nothing beats having genuine friendships, nothing beats having people who always have your back outside your family members, having friends who apart from your blood relatives would always be there for you, when you call on them. Having genuine friendship is the greatest flex anyone can ever pray for and find because it gives you that sense of belonging and courage that you've got people who you can count on and who can count on you.


    People who will always be with you at your lowest, your happiest moment, sad moment, moody moment, bad or worst moment and the rest of the moment we can think of true and genuine friendships are the greatest flex.

    So, irrespective of what the world says is happening around having friends, irrespective of what we hear, and irrespective of the bad experiences in life, let us all normalize having friends, good friends, let us all normalize building a circle of genuine friendships because it pays.

    Friends who can stand up for us, friends who would not speak evil about us or watch evil happen to us, friends who will always tell us the truth to our face and how we messed up big time, friends who will serve as a covering to us when we are in danger and friends who we can call friends proudly and with our chest without missing words or doubts in our heart.

    It may not be important today, it may look difficult to want to open up to people, and it may seem irrelevant, but build genuine friends because someday, you will need them.

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