My saving grace

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    The first treatment given to a sick person before the arrival of a doctor is known as first aid. Like.. this was one out of the maby definitions kids can't forget including myself. Right from my early stage in basic class, I knew what first aid was likewise my class mate. Fast forward to where I was in highschool the definition was kind of advanced even at that, teachers rarely sets it as question for us during the continuous assessment test or examination rather they prefer asking us related questions.

    Growing up as a child, if there's anyone that deserves the tittle of mama play play, then I think I deserve the award.🤣 I was so playful same time strong and powerful. 💪 I mean what do you expect from someone that's bigger than her age? Don't get me wrong, I was never a bully but I make sure to bully whoever steps on my toes. 😎

    On this particular day, as usual we were playing outside of the house when one of the boys mistakenly threw a concrete stone and unfortunately, it landed on my innocent head. The pain was so excruciating accompanied with a migraine that made me had to rub my head, It was then I realized the spot the stone had hit was bleeding. seeing blood only made me increased the volume of my crying voice to gear five 🤣Like who sees blood and don't cry? My both parents heard my voice from inside and came out only for them to realize someone has broken their daughter's head. Without waste of time, I was rushed to the nearest pharmacy for dressing on getting there the pharmacist said he needs to shave my hair off ehhn!! Shave what? My hair? Impossible. I quickly told my dad that I was not feeling pains again he should just clean the injury let's go home but they all understood we're I was heading to. Luckily my mom arrived and when she heard of their intention she disagreed immediately.... why cut the whole hair when you can just take off only from where had sustained injury mom said.

    To cut the long story short, they went with Mom's decision and treated the injury. 🤕 I was given a few tablets and adviced I was taken for proper check up to avoid any complications.

    On leaving the pharmacy my dad bought the necessary first aid materials rather than coming everyday to the pharmacist to clean and dress the injury. Little did I know it was the start of my journey becoming a first aider. I treated almost all the children living on my streets when they had injury and want to hide it from their mom. 🤣🤣

    Of no doubt, first aid has been a life saving grace right from time and it still is, it's importance can not be overemphasized.☺️ Imagine the countless times have saved my friends from serious injuries that was gushing out blood with just little administration of some first aid materials.

    Second image is mine.

    Writing was inspired by @HiveLearners community weekly featured contents wk-121e3 Knowing First Aid. Do well to subscribe to the community so we can hear from you as well on each of the amazing prompts. 😍

    Thank you for your time, peace 🕊️

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