Two Types of Insects on Wild Plants

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    Hello friends, how are you today and hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

    On this happy occasion I would like to show again some interesting images that I have prepared. There are two types of insects that are quite interesting that I got from wild plants. The first one I show is a picture of a small beetle that is found on wild plants and I like to see the shape and color that this beetle has. Then for the second picture display, one of the insects that I found on wild plants and this insect is also a type of pest for farmers' plants because this insect can damage the fruit and leaves of these plants, especially rice plants. . Before I continue to discuss the picture that I have prepared, it would be a good idea for me to say my words of respect to all my friends wherever they are and hopefully the best will always be for all of us. OK, friends, let's look at the pictures that I have prepared.

    We can see, as in the picture above, the color and shape of this insect is quite good, its small size, but if we look at it with a macro like this, of course we know how beautiful this type of insect is. This type of skeleton is easy to find in wild plants or in small forests because it usually rests on the leaves of small wild plants.

    The next image to display is a picture of one type of insect which is included as a pest for farmers. Usually this type of insect attacks the rice plant and when it feels fruitful in the morning, of course it will suck the rice fluid like milk and when it hardens, it may not be able to suck anymore.

    OK, friends, those are some of the pictures that I can show you today and hopefully these pictures can entertain all my friends and make them beautiful pictures for us to look at together. Say thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement for the opportunity and see you again later in my next post.

    Note, the words I wrote in this article are in Indonesian, and I first wrote them in the smartphone notes application section. Then to translate into English I used Google's help.

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      A good creature picture it is nice to see that you like the wildlife