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    Simple fried food for breaking the fast, the fried food that must be present at every fast breaking is risol, but the risol this time is different from usual because I made it myself

    Plant Power (Vegan)
    make vegetable rissol

    Hello friends, everyone, hive and food lovers

    hello everyone, back with me again on this occasion I want to share a recipe for making vegetable risol, every time you break the fast fried risol has become a mandatory menu that must be there, usually I buy it at the takjil market, because without vegetable risol it seems like something is missing when breaking the fast

    but today I didn't buy it at the market but I made it myself at home, I think I can also make frozen food for sahur later or whenever I want I just fry it, here I shop at the market, buy some vegetables which I will use as filling for my vegetable risol, including carrots, potatoes, chayote and several other spices

    here I just made a simple version, I only made the vegetable filling, I didn't make any more risol skin and I replaced it with spring roll skin, as a substitute for risol skin, and the texture of spring roll skin has a crunchier taste compared to regular risol skin.

    Ingredients for making vegetable rissol:

    • 1 carrot

    Carrots are a plant that grows like a tuber plant and its color is orange and it grows easily in spring

    Carrots are a very useful fruit where carrots are very useful for the eyes so I really like to consume carrots. This can function directly for those of us who often consume carrots and I have felt its benefits.

    Carrots have many benefits too. One of the benefits that I like is that it can improve digestion, which is one of the bad things for the body if this doesn't happen easily, so by consuming carrots it can make our bodies digest more easily and be healthier.

    • 1 potato

    Potato fruit is a plant that is good for us to consume because this plant grows easily and has a soft shape, not like a wooden stick. We can learn about this in the media and see it directly on plants

    Consuming potatoes is very good for our health. With the properties contained in potatoes, it can increase the mind's insight and make the brain smarter.

    • 200 grams chayote

    Chayote is a plant that is very easy to grow, it usually grows long by eating the fruit and young shoots

    To consume Sima pumpkin fruit, I really like it because of the two benefits that I feel, namely by improving digestion and also maintaining my body's energy, so Siamese mother is very good for my health.

    • spring roll skin

    Spring roll skin is also no less important for our health, where with this spring roll skin we can make life healthier with the ingredients contained in spring roll skin starting from vitamins A, B and C, all of which are for health.

    Spring roll skin is made from wheat flour and is processed into a skin that is easy to wrap in all preparations so that this preparation can make things easier for cooks at home.

    ground spices :

    2 Spring onions
    3 cloves of garlic
    3 cayenne peppers

    All ingredients overall

    How to make

    (1) The first step is to peel the vegetables first, including potatoes, carrots, chayote. After all the vegetables have been peeled, then cut all the vegetables into small cubes to make it easier later when filling them into the spring roll skin.

    (2) After washing the vegetables, then just blend all the ground spices and saute them in a little oil then add the small vegetable pieces, and add 200ml of cooking water until the vegetables are cooked, add a little salt, wait for the water to reduce then turn off the stove and wait for it to cool.

    (3) After that, prepare the spring roll skin then take 1 tablespoon of vegetables, put it in the spring roll skin then fold the spring roll skin and seal the folded ends with liquid flour, do this until the dough is finished

    (4) after that, prepare a little cooking oil then fry the vegetable risol until golden brown, and then drain, fry just enough, and if you want to use it as stock, you can store it in a tightly closed container and store it in the refrigerator

    Here are some photos after it is finished

    and the vegetable tara risol is ready, it tastes very crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside, the vegetable filling is very delicious and tasty

    That's all my post this time, I hope you like the vegetable risol recipe that I shared, and don't forget to try this recipe, friends.

    See you in the next post, friends

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