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    Sometimes a girl just needs a bullet to make her feel good, feminine and ready for action.

    I needed one last week, and ended up with three, it just seemed like good value and I knew I'd use them all, but not at the same time; I'd put them to my lips, which one would depend on my mood and, because I've done it before, knew just how I'd feel...I wanted to feel that way so made the purchase.

    It's not the sort of bullet that requires a gun, in truth it's not a bullet at all but it sort of looks like one; hmm, not really although the shape is a little similar. It's lipstick, and when I was out last week I came across one of those too good to be true bargains and I simply could not resist.

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    I don't use a lot of makeup usually but I like to enhance my natural features with a little and I also like to feel and look feminine. At times I wear a little more, a special event or occasion, but I prefer to use it sparingly and only to enhance and accentuate my natural looks.

    There's so many products on the market and the basics can be a long list of things like face primer, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyebrow gel, mascara, eye liner, setting spray, lip liner, lipstick and more; it's not a short list. I like to keep it simple though. Most of the time a little blusher, eye liner, mascara and lipstick is all I need and sometimes even less.

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    It's incredible how much women spend on makeup and beauty products they feel they need, or are led to believe they need by marketing, and I really don't think we need to.

    Less is more they say, and I don't believe women should be made to feel less beautiful if they don't use those products or buy the most expensive ones. The glossy magazines mislead women into thinking it defines their beauty and cosmetics are an essential element but I believe true beauty comes from within no matter what a woman might look like externally and I hate that the marketers make women feel inadequate to push their sales revenue.

    I love my bullets, I mean lipsticks, and the small cost of the three of them will repay me over and again and the best thing...that's when my guy comes home and i get to smudge my lipstick on his lips!

    - This is what I'm listening to -

    Becca 💗

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