"BASANT" A Vibrant Celebration of Kite Flying and Cultural Unity

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    Basant, a festival of flying kites, is an interesting event in South Asia that starts in the month of February. The special day that we are going to celebrate is coming soon, after 2 weeks. On this day, the sky becomes filled with various kinds of kites with different shapes and sizes.

    The sky really looks beautiful and attractive. Basant is a cultural festival that is known as a simple exultation of victory against evils. On this excited day, people mostly wear yellow or green clothes because these colors symbolize the blooming of mustard flowers, which are associated with the festival.

    Special dishes like rice, different kinds of kababs, and various regional sweet dishes are being cooked in homes and shared with family and friends during Basant. Old, young, man, woman Everyone enjoys this charming festival, especially the young children.

    The young and children are enthusiastic, and they wait for months for this interesting festival. They buy beautiful and expensive kites and hold them till the day comes. The basant festival is not only about flying kites but also different other activities that really enhance the celebrity of the atmosphere, such as Traditional music fills the air, with the melodious tunes of folk instruments like the dhol, tabla, and shehnai resonating through the streets.

    Dance performances, ranging from energetic bhangra to graceful classical dances, captivate audiences and infuse the festivities with an infectious rhythm and energy. It is a day of cultural events and exhibitions. These exhibitions not only celebrate the cultural heritage of the region but also provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their talents and earn livelihoods.

    Basant brings communities together as people gather on rooftops, parks, and open spaces to fly kites, socialize, and enjoy the festivities. Flying kites is the speciality of Basant; skilled people fly kites; everyone tries to cut all the other kites; after getting success, they enjoy themselves by beating the tunes of folk instruments like the dhol, tabla, and shehnai.

    They also celebrate their success by eating different kinds of sweet dishes. Although basant is the tradition of south Asia, it is now spreading to other regions too. Through this platform, people around the world are getting closer to each other and coming together to observe this interesting event.

    The content I shared with you guys is based on my education and knowledge. I wish you people will appreciate this post and reblog if you like it. Thanks for sticking till the end.

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