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    I have been hearing a lot of motivational speeches and podcasts these days. The main reason is because I'm have been losing motivation for many things in life. I feel a bit of despondency on a few things which is not a good sign. Most of the podcasts say that Motivation is something that is either temporary or non-existent. Some are even bold in saying that "Motivation is fake". The reason why they say that is because we don't need an external factor to keep us motivated. On certain days we feel like lifting the whole world and on certain days we may not even feel like moving our legs. People usually say that we lack motivation on those days but the real fact is that we always lack motivation and even if we do something with real enthusiasm, it is still not motivating because there is a high chance that we might stop doing that after some time.

    In one of the podcasts they showed me a very common example where when we are in the shower, we will be flooded with lots of ideas and things that we would like to do. We might even start planning on how we want to execute it. There will be a huge motivation to do so many things but the moment we step out of the shower, we won't feel like doing anything and our priorities change. This is a very common thing and most people do things despite all these blockers.


    Well we don't like it but just do it

    The main reason why we procrastinate things is because we don't like to do it. We are never going to get back to that if we are going to continuously procrastinate. It is clear that we don't like that task but the key here is that we have to just keep doing it. Some people don't like going to the office but they still do because money is a motivation there. Every single day kids feel like not going to school but the parents have to be strict and send them to school.

    In our cases, we have to be the parents for ourselves and our tasks. We have to be very strict on certain things to bring motivation and keep doing things. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves because that is what we do to others when they don't do what we expect them to do. Especially the kids will not listen to us but despite that, we keep repeating the same thing like 30 times to the kids every day.

    No excuses

    I wanted to keep myself fit but most of the time I keep looking for excuses. Sometimes I think that I can always do it somewhere in the future and why now. I wanted to walk a lot but then I thought why can't I just be productive and do something else in front of my laptop than walking? I realize that these are just excuses for not doing something. Maybe when I have a walking partner who can join me, I may not look for such excuses. But yeah it is difficult and the key is we have to anyway do it. There is no harm in finding a walking partner so that we can be a motivation to each other.


    We have to do it as no one else is going to do it

    There will be a few tasks where we may not like to do it but there will be no one else to do it. For example, washing the clothes is something that most of the people hate to do. Especially if it is something that has to be done with hands and not with a machine, I'm sure nobody will be interested in doing it. But we have no other option than doing it because, after a few days, we may not have cloths to wear. The same applies to other household activities. Indeed, many activities are not interesting and we don't feel like doing them at all but we still have to do them because nobody else is going to do them for us.

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