A robot is a machine made with metals to assist and not to replace humans.

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    Welcome back to by blog for this second edition of week 107. Permit me to say that I am honored to have you all here. For we to think of robot replacing human is the same with one thinking that humans can replace God who made them. We all have our work to do and that also means that we have boundaries. A child of two years can not think of over Shadowing the father of about fifty years.


    For the records, a robot is a machine that is designed by humans. So, tell me how what a man designed, put all that it needs to work with, work more than the humans that designed it? Things don't work like that.

    When I checked the oxford dictionary it says that a robot is an intelligent mechanical being designed to look like a human or other creature, and usually made from metal. When we use -like, it means that there is a resemblance. In this case simile will be used when comparing the two.

    I can't see where a robot will replace me. No. Not with all these great potentials deposited in me by the Almighty God.

    I am a multidimensional being. I can switch at any given time that I feel necessary. Like myself, I do lots of things just to survive. If I do this particular thing today and noticed that it didn't work, I will try something else tomorrow. This is the special gift that God gave to us as humans. But what of a robot. It can only work with the information input in it. When it faces a situation that it has no solution to it can't help at all. This is a very clear difference between man and robot.

    Secondly, when something is artificial, it means that there is the natural one. Artificial can not be compared to the natural one. The natural is far better than the artificial. It then means that a robot which uses artificial brain can not replace a human who is using God given brain to work.

    As a teacher there are so many ways that I can employ to teach my pupils that the artificial intelligence can not think of doing such. When I look at a child I can tell what is wrong with that child by observing the child for a while. But a robot will only work with the information that it has and nothing more.

    Lastly for today, a human has feeling and understand when people need some attention, but what about a robot? Is not there. A robot is simply a machine, it can't be human. So it can't also replace humans.
    Humans are specially made by God to feel the earth while the robot is made by humans to assist in some aspect of life.

    Conclusively, humans are like the god of the robot. The robot solely depends on humans to operate very well. So, how on earth can this same robot depending on me replace me? It can't work.

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