Week 5 flower grow update

in voilk •  25 days ago

    Hi all,

    I gave them an extra half dose nuting on the last watering, just water today. I think I'll up the Plagron to 75% for the next watering.

    The buds are really coming together nicely and about 2 to 3 weeks left for harvest time.

    I need to keep up with removing damaged leaves so I can tell if there are new issues

    Strain:Orange Blossom
    Dominance:Unknown, will check in store
    Nutrients used:Plagron
    Phenotype traits:This strain combines equal measures carefree euphoria with calming physical effects that make it ideal for leisurely activities. Its aroma is slightly floral with overtones of fresh squeezed orange. Orange Blossom’s flavor is very similar but includes a delicate Kush aftertaste.
    Lineage:Orange Bud and OG Kush
    Current growing stage:Flower
    Current plant age:99 days, 45 days flower
    Sex:Feminised, regular photoperiod
    Location:Indoor 🤫

    Pictures as always!:







    I had a miscommunication with a friend was driving near the grow store, asked for carbon filter, ducting and jubilee clips, he managed to find the smallest filter I've ever seen in my life and no ducting or clips... 😭




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