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    Good day everyone!!! It's a pleasure again to be back HAHAHAHHA, another free day, another blog! it's me again, haruki.tls123 back with a new blog post ✌🏻.

    As you may already know from my previous blogs, I am inclined in academic pursuits and a deep love for reading and anime. However, my interests extend beyond it, and I also find joy in gaming, yes I am also a GAMER:>
    Ever since I can remember, I've been playing many sorts of video games, whether offline or online, from classics like Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead to popular titles like Crossfire, DOTA, Dragon Nest, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, etc. Gaming has been a significant part of my life, providing me with entertainment and opportunities to connect with friends and fellow gamers. So today in this blog post, we will talk about gaming stuff. We'll focus on one of my top favorite MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) titled...

    "The Legend Of Neverland"


    Let's go and enter the game!! 🎮

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    Have you ever watched the anime Sword Art Online? Well, "The Legend Of Neverland" game reminds me of that anime RPG game. Essentially, Sword Art Online also has its MMORPG video game which is called "Sword Art Online:Intregral Factor" that shares similarities with "The Legend Of Neverland." The aesthetics of both are strikingly similar, capturing a sense of beauty and immersion that draws players into captivating virtual worlds. So after downloading , which can take up quite a few gigabytes (gb) of storage, hahaha, you'll need a device with ample storage, whether it's your phone or pc. Next step is to enter the game and select your class.

    When I played this game for the very first time, there are four classes to choose from initially: Warrior, Ranger, Craftsman, and Scholar. Each class has its unique set of skills and abilities.


    Warriors excels in close combat, wielding swords with precision and strength.


    Rangers are masters of ranged attacks, using bows and arrows to take down foes from a distance.


    Scholars harness the power of elemental magic, casting spells to unleash devastating attacks and healing powers.


    Craftsmen specialize in explosives and gadgets, using their inventive skills to outwit enemies.

    However, with the some latest updates on this particular game, a new classification has been introduced: the Lancer, a formidable hero who wields a spear with deadly strike.


    This addition adds even more diversity and gameplay options, allowing players to choose a class that suits their preferred playstyle and tactics.

    So for me when I first played this game, I chose to be a Ranger because it's my preferred character type. Although Rangers may not be as powerful as Warrior or as resilient as Scholars, I love the range of attacks they offer. What's great about being a Ranger is that you can quickly level up by defeating many foes, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Also, the good thing in this game is that you can unlock and use other classes as you level up. I guess at level 50, you can unlock additional classes and equip them, allowing a player to switch between different playstyles and abilities.


    After choosing your preferred class (and the gender of your character), you can then go into customizing your character's aesthetics, such as the type of face, eyes, hair, colors, clothes, and more. It's always fun to personalize your character and make them unique in the game world. Once you're satisfied with your character's appearance and you must name them.


    And finally you can start playing the game after completing the tutorial in it:>


    The context of this game is set in the cursed land of Cabala, which was invaded by the evil Chaos Forces. Players take on the role of protectors of the humans caught in this destruction but are ultimately defeated by the chaotic forces' leader. After a deep slumber, players are awakened by a Flower Fairy named Iris, who guides them through a tutorial-style questing system to learn about the game's various features. The game also includes traditional questing systems like Main story quests, side quests, NPC quests, and Clan quests, allowing players to earn rewards and unlock additional systems to enhance their power.


    It would be quite complex to explain every on-screen button, so I'll briefly describe some: The ones on the right are for battles, the left one is the joystick for character movement, and the list at the top contains secondary tasks and main missions. To access a task, simply click on it. There are two control types (explained in the tutorial): you can let the AI navigate your character for travel and control it in fights, or you can manually control both movement and attacks. In my case, I set my character's mobility to autopilot for travel but control it during battles. Autopilot for travel is convenient as it directs your character to the destination quickly, especially when you're unsure of the location. The icon on the top right accesses features like flower fairy spins, events, skills, and equipment, all of which are explained in the tutorials.


    As for me, I've reached level 141 in my game with the title of "Star 2" and holding a million character power. I am using my two main hero classes and I've found that using my two main hero classes, the Ranger and the Scholar, is a powerful combination. These classes offer a long-range advantage, along with a variety of stunning abilities and impressive awakening skills. As you can also notice there are the elemental echo portion. The Elemental Echo on your character serves as a significant power boost and grants "CP" essential for your progression. I have two Elemental Echoes, and they provide a substantial increase in power. You can activate Elemental Echoes by having matching or complementary classes of flower fairies. But first, what are flower fairies??

    (My Flower Fairies)

    Flower Fairies in are depicted as literal flowers that have blossomed into humanoid forms. These fairies serve as loyal companions to the protector on their journey, sent as a blessing by a compassionate goddess. Each Flower Fairy possesses unique skills and passive abilities that aid the player during battle on the battlefield. The numbers beside flower fairies indicates the level of your fairies which can be leveled up or upgraded by combining it into another "same type" flower fairies or combining it into the same flower fairy.

    Furthermore, Flower Fairies are categorized into tiers based on their abilities and strength. The highest tier, represented by rainbowish and the red ones which is the Legendary tier, then the second highest tier is represented by yellow color and denoted as S type, which includes powerful fairies like the Twin Lotus. I guess the powerful fairy type are the "holy-type" ones.


    (Owning two of the most powerful holy-type fairies made my elemental echo activated)

    Following the S tier are the A, B, and blue tiers, with the blue tier representing the least powerful fairies. This tier system adds depth and strategy to the game as players aim to collect and utilize the most effective Flower Fairies in their adventures.


    Players can obtain Flower Fairies through spinning/summoning it in the Link system or as rewards from in-game events.

    Now let's go to the skills. In the "skill tree" section, players can enhance or awaken the skills of each character type. I primarily focus on improving the skills of the Ranger (green)

    (If you noticed the red dot part, after leveling up a certain skill into level 10, you can awaken that skill:>)


    and Scholar (blue) classes. The Ranger class turns me into an unstoppable range and attack speed machine, allowing me to deal damage efficiently from a distance. On the other hand, the Scholar class grants me the ability to heal myself and nearby allies, stun enemies, and provide valuable support skills.

    As for the other classes in the skill tree, I haven't invested much in upgrading them since I don't use them frequently in my gameplay. The combination of the Ranger and Scholar classes perfectly suits my playstyle, allowing me to excel in both damage-dealing and protective roles.

    Other Classes:




    So now let's go to the SEALS or TITLE.

    I'm currently at the "Star 2" seal, as I mentioned earlier. For newcomers, you'll start at the origin seal and progress through different seals as you level up and increase your Character Power and points. Advancing to the next seal requires specific character points or power levels, making progression a key aspect of the game. The seals include Origin (1, 2, and 3), Oath, Symbiosis, Crow, Sacrifice, Solitary, Star, Tide, and More, each with levels 1, 2, and 3.






    To succeed in progressions , it's crucial to have good equipment and dedicate time to grinding for resources. Accumulating items and collecting seeds from Flower Fairy spins can yield valuable rewards, enhancing your gameplay experience. Additionally, aligning your skills with your preferences and leveraging Flower Fairy skills allows you to create unique combos tailored to your playstyle, giving you an edge in battles and progression.

    Additionally, players have the option to join guilds, which are communities of players united under a common banner. Guilds offer various benefits such as access to exclusive quests, guild-wide buffs, shared resources, and opportunities for cooperative gameplay. Being part of a guild can enhance your gaming experience by fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and friendly competition with other guilds.


    As for some players, like me, prefer solo leveling and exploring the game independently, more likely a Sung Jin Woo style HAHAHAHAH:>.
    Apart from guilds, "The Legend Of Neverland" also features impressive mounts that players can acquire and ride. These mounts not only serve as a mode of transportation but also offer additional bonuses such as increased movement speed, combat advantages, and aesthetic enhancements. Acquiring and upgrading mounts adds another layer of depth and customization to your gameplay, making your adventures in the game even more exciting and enjoyable.


    So right now, as I end this blog post, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read about this game. It's been an incredible one to this, from mastering different classes to unlocking powerful skills and collecting valuable resources. I hope my insights have sparked your interest and provided valuable information about this amazing game.


    If you're looking for a fantastic game recommendation, I highly recommend "The Legend Of Neverland." From its stunning graphics to engaging voice actors, diverse skills, and captivating stories, it's a solid 9.5/10 in my book. While there may be occasional glitches, they're minor and don't detract from the overall experience. Thank you for reading my beloved readers, and stay tuned for more exciting content in my future blogs!
    If you're looking for a fantastic game recommendation, I highly recommend "The Legend Of Neverland." From its stunning graphics to engaging voice actors, diverse skills, and captivating stories, it's a solid 9.5/10 in my book. While there may be occasional glitches, they're minor and don't detract from the overall experience. Thank you for reading my beloved readers, and stay tuned for more exciting content in my future blogs!

    What game shall we do next?? hihi^^
    Until then! haruki.tls123 out! sayonara<3 ❤️


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