Will you be my Val?

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    Did I just ask if you will be my Val? Ooh. Maybe I made a mistake. I meant Will you be my Pal? Maybe Best Pal. How about that?

    Anyways, it said we are in the season of love, gifting, and sharing. Everyone asked each other what they would love to give one another. That sounds so lovely. But remember you can't give someone your heart or loyalty. You have to express that by giving something and to give something you have to buy it worth money. Money is always involved.

    I was in a discord chat in the Neoxian city general channel, maybe some ongoing discussion was held about val, love, and gifting. But I wasn’t aware of that. All I saw was a giveaway asking the winner to suggest what the host would like to give her husband as a token of love and appreciation.

    I knew I was a man and so I opted in without any idea in my head. Luckily I got picked to make a suggestion. Out of the blank, I just thought about things I would appreciate as a man and then generalized it. At least there should be some common stuff all men would like and at the same time, these things shouldn’t be too expensive to afford.

    I suggested she get her husband a nice wristwatch, a cool photo frame, and a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. What are my reasons for making these suggestions?

    I felt the wristwatch is something he would cherish over time and whenever he puts it on, it will bring back the moment of who presented it to him and the reasons behind the presentation. Men value their wristwatches in attire. It's a symbol of looking manly. So I guess he would be someone who appreciates that.

    The photo frame will create a bond of togetherness. This is because the photo frame isn’t something he would take all about. But when hanged somewhere and every time they set their eyes on it, it will brighten those moments of love again.

    As for the bottle of wine. This will not last long but it will cool the moment. Both of them should have wine glasses and then make some cheers to a long life and more love. Those memories will never fade. They can even have it best if they both exchange their cups of wine. The husband gives a sip to his wife and the wife reciprocates.

    BUT AS FOR ME! 😆 What do I want as a token of love?

    Please buy me a Bugatti Super Sport or a Rolls Royce: If you truly love me you should do this for me. I will appreciate it, and have my heart in your hands 😂. If you can’t afford that much. Then there are other things to do for me.

    Give me money! Lots of money. 😂. I will say you just bought my heart with this. I will love you unconditionally 😂. Just get me billions of dollars as a token of love. Then you see me loving you from the sky down to the earth and back to the moon.

    In conclusion, what a man wants as a token of love is to appreciate, respect, submit, and remain loyal to them. Even if you can’t present anything but you have all these, you’ve gotten a good man's love.

    But presenting to him all the gifts in the world and you are lacking all of these attributes then you will always find it hard to gain love from your man.

    NB: You can buy me underwear too. I will collect them 😂 with love ❤️

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