AI will be the leading sector in this bull run

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    I noticed that in every bull run those sectors have rose huge which is the hotest topic at that current time. In the previous bull run I am remember that Metaverse coins moved very well because that was the latest technology.

    If you invest according to the demand of the world then you will make a good profit and your investment will be a good choice.

    So lets discuss what is the current hot topic in this bull run and what technology is right now a brightening one.

    You may all know that AI or Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic right now and no doubt it have replaced many other technologies.

    AI have seen a great growth in the race of technology which they bring in the form of chatgpt or AI Meta. They are providing facility to the users and that is why they are being successful.

    So according to my experience, in this bull run AI sectors will be the leading one. No matter it is in Crypto, Stock or any other financial market.

    AI coins will be the leading coins in this bull run. There are more than 5 AI coins right now which are best for investment.

    1. GRT
    2. AI
      3 AGIX
    3. RNDR
    4. FET

    There are some more coins but I consider these five the best and strongest coins. You must research about these coins before investment.


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