Some beautiful photography of gourd vines and leaves

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    Today after a long time I came back to you with some photography.

    Gourd vegetables are very popular among the people of both villages and cities in Bangladesh. Besides, the popularity of the gourd is also high all the time. I have captured the leaves of the gourd tree on camera today.

    Gourd vines

    When I was a child, I used to scare everyone by cursing these vines. These vines grow very fast and want to grab whatever they find around them.

    So this was my today's gourd leaf and vine photography. How did you like my photography today, please let me know your opinion. Everyone will be fine

    Class - photography
    Device - Redmi note 9
    Photographer - @rikta12
    Location - Bangladesh

    My identity


    My name is Ainun nahar rikta. I am Bangladeshi. I love to draw pictures. I especially like to do any kind of painting. Whenever I have free time I sit down to draw. Also I like to travel. Try to travel to different places after a few days. I also like to do different kinds of crafts. I also love to cook. I like to make different types of recipes. Whenever I get time I cook and feed my family with different recipes. I always try to do something new.

    🎀 Thank you all 🎀

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