Show in the skies with the aerobatic military air force!

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    This weekend was really very exciting because I witnessed for the first time the air show of the Frecce tricolori, military pilots who perform in the skies with perfect harmony and precision, challenging physics and emotions, in a succession of images which will remain imprinted in your mind and heart.



    The Frecce Tricolori are made up of 10 Italian Air Force aircraft that have been performing all over the world for years. The livery of the lower part is made up of the colors of the Italian flag so when the planes fly over the skies, the Italian tricolor is clearly visible to the spectators.



    The event was officially held on Sunday, while on Saturday there were tests by the drivers who were able to check the performance of the vehicles in real time and make the necessary modifications.


    On Sunday afternoon, however, the event opened with some parades of military helicopters, until some simulations were carried out with the help of a small military boat in the sea, in which the pilots' skill was demonstrated.

    The Mameli Hymn instead inaugurated the arrival of the Frecce Tricolori, who immediately drew a large heart in the sky, a symbol of love for their land and in conjunction with Mother's Day! It was truly a riot of applause and encouragement for the pilots who, minute after minute, performed complicated dances in the skies, at an average speed of a few hundred kilometers per hour, just a few meters away from each other.




    The performance was followed by tens of thousands of people, positioned along the coast of the city, the territory chosen for the tricolor dance. A unique emotion, all the children were waving mini flags and shouting excitedly at every aerobatics and passage of the planes. The pilots' performance lasted about twenty minutes, it was also very difficult to photograph the aircraft during the performance, the speed of movement and the distance did not make it easy to capture their movements.

    A truly wonderful weekend!

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