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    Hi food lovers,

    Today, I decided to share one of my favourite ways to eat potatoes. This recipe was something I came up with when I had a bit more free time. And since then, I have love to make my potatoes this way. Although, it is very simple and not particularly special, it is almost like mashed potatoes but the only similarities is that it is mashed.

    Personally, I really don’t like boiled potatoes; I get so tired of them and barely eat them. Also, fried potatoes are usually stressful to prepare, taking a lot of time to cut into shape, and besides that, they never really fill me up. So, I decided to make something in between boiling and frying.

    This recipe take a little more time than regular boiled potatoes. Due to school stress, I hadn’t been able to cook the potatoes, but now that they were getting woody, I had to make use of them.

    As I mentioned, it is mashed. But I haven’t tasted mashed potatoes or even tried to make them. It is not a common dish in my country, but now that I think of it, I might try to make it someday.

    Without further ado, let me take you through the steps.


    • Sweet potatoes
    • vegetable oil
    • cow meat
    • pepper and tomato
    • onions, garlic, ginger or ginger powder, salt
    • seasoning cube and mixed spices and herbs

    The first process is a common method.

    Boil the potatoes:

    • Peel and wash the potatoes. Cut them into smaller pieces.

    • Add the potatoes to boiling water with some salt. Cook until soft and edible.

    • Drain the water and mash the potatoes in a bowl. (Using a fork or masher)

    Fry the potatoes:

    • In a pan, add enough oil to lightly coat or touch the potatoes ( we are not deep frying)

    • Fry until they start to get a brown colour. You can continue frying to make them more crispy or take them off the stove at this point.

    I either eat this with eggs(omelette) or stew, so you can use any stew of your choice. But this how I made my stew.

    A brief step..

    • Marinate your protein. (I am using some cow meat.) After washing, I added some salt, ginger, garlic, onions, seasoning cube, mixed species and herbs and also little pepper. Let it marinate.

    • After the meat has marinated, boil it until well cooked.

    • For my stew, I grated my pepper, onions, and garlic. (normally, I would also add fresh tomatoes but since they are currently very expensive, I used canned tomatoes)

    • Heat vegetable oil in a pot and add some sliced onions. Fry for a few minutes, then fry the meat for about 3 minutes.

    • Remove the meat and pour in the grated/blender pepper and tomato mixture, seasoning cube, ginger powder or ginger and some salt before adding back the meat. Allow to fry.

    • Add the meat stock, cover it and allow it to cook for some minutes. And voila. Your stew is done.

    The final step is to serve and enjoy!

    It was definitely delicious. Have you tried this before? Or is it just me, ha? Will you be trying this? Let me know your opinion.

    All images are mine. Thumbnail designed using Canva.

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