Exploring the band "Daughter" for Three Tune Tuesday | Week 149

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    It's Tuesday and, just like many others, I'm excited it's another time for three tune Tuesday.



    This is my first time participating in Three Tunes Tuesday, and I'm excited about it. I love the fact that I get to share music with you all.

    Three Tunes Tuesday was started by @ablaze and this is the 149th week. You can learn more about it from his recent post here

    Today, I'll be writing about three songs by one of my favorite bands of all time, Daughter.

    Daughter is a band I got to know about after hearing their song on a TV series many years back. It was a cozy, rainy night. The perfect weather to binge-watch a series. As soon as I heard that song, I loved it and I couldn't help but check out the artist behind such a song. That's how I got to learn about Daughter.

    Daughter introduced me to the world of indie folk. Yeah, that's the music genre. Ever since I got to know about indie folk, I have been hooked. It's a genre I can never get enough of. Daughter is made up of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguillela. Elena Tonra is the lead vocalist, and my world, she has such an amazing voice. Igor Haefeli is the guitarist of the group and Remi Aguilella is the drummer. This trio has gone on to produce magnificent songs.

    Now, let's go into the three songs for today.

    Daughter - Youth

    Despite the fact that it's difficult for me to pick a favourite from all daughter songs, when it comes to my best, this one has to be up there. Youth is a song off their album, if you leave, which was released in 2013. I remember my favorite lines from the song being:

    "Setting fire to our insides for fun
    To distract our hearts from ever missing them".

    In my opinion, the song talks about losing someone and trying to cope with it. In her usual style, Elena didn't just give the song life with her voice, she poured a lot of emotions into it, and perhaps, that's what attracted me to the song.

    Daughter - Candles

    This is another beautiful song off their album "his young heart" released in 2011. Elena somehow tells a story in this song. I think it's about two people who are out alone in the woods, and then there's the awkward silence. They probably like each other, but would never end up together.

    This particular song interests me because it has a slow part and then an upbeat part. It's a beautiful mixture of both. This song is such an amazing melody, and I love how Elena's voice perfectly blends with the sounds.

    Daughter - Human

    This is one of the few upbeat songs by daughter. It just has a vibe to it and most times, I find myself nodding my head to the song.

    This song is about someone being held captive, and despite the harsh treatment being done, the person gives a reminder that they are still human.

    One line that always gets to me whenever I listen to the song is:

    "despite everything, I'm still human"

    This song is also a track off their 2013 album "if you leave".

    Have you heard about daughter? What do think about their music?

    As for me, their melodies are the best

    Note: The YouTube videos are not mine.

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