Beautiful Origami Envelopes with Leaf Shapes

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    Hello Everyone!
    Those are two beautiful envelopes. Fold the paper on the envelopes as wavy shapes to make leaves. I think they are more unique and beautiful because of those leaf shapes. I have folded other types of envelopes in the past. The two identical sizes are folded with different colors.

    In the first step, the paper is cut by the same length and width with 21cm. Fold it in half four times. Fold both sides to the middle line. Fold each corner to the folding lines from the other side. Fold the four corners to the middle point again. In this step, fold each side in half step by step and fold them as wavy shapes. The next step is to gather the four sides to the center according to the folding lines. Neatly spread to get leaf shapes.

    There is another one like that envelope. Actually, I made this one at first.

    I really like them because they are useful and beautiful. I also take beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

    June 8, 2024
    Written by @asterkame
    By my photo & made by me

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