The Beauty of Music Concerts

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    Going to a music concert can be really exciting. In the history of going to music concerts, it’s safe to say that I have never attended a boring music concert and I pray not to attend any of such in the future, fingers crossed guys😃


    Watching that favorite artist of yours sing, entertain and the audience go wild is one experience I hate to miss out on. Whenever there’s a musical concert that I can afford to pay for the ticket and I have the time to attend, I always do.


    Music concerts are so amazing and sometimes whenever I get to attend a music concert it feels as though I am finally hitting the pause button of my life and I am able to have fun to the maximum level, not holding back, not feeling shy just me dancing, singing the lyrics of the song, screaming every now and then when the music hits hard and not feeling any sign of exhaustion or cracked voice until I get home and boom! My body passes the message😂

    I love being in large arenas or stadiums singing, dancing, and not caring about anything in the world, just enjoying myself and putting all of life's challenges aside as nothing matters in that moment.


    The energy, the wild crowd, the lights, the various merch worn by people, and the music are next to none!

    Seeing the audience go wild whenever their favorite artist comes on stage is crazy! If you think you’ve seen it all wait until you see a die-hard fan crying like a baby because her favorite artist is performing, then you’d agree with the musician that sang “Crazy things are happening”.



    The last music concert I attended was during the festive period last year. I attended the concert with my three friends and it was super fun, I don’t like going to musical concerts alone. Where’s the fun in singing or dancing alone? Singing with your friends as you all make funny moves and vibe to the music together is awesome! If you think this isn’t true just try going to a music concert with your friends and you’ll see for yourself😃

    In the concert, one of the artists was so sweet to celebrate a little boy’s birthday on stage. He called the boy and his father on stage and we all sang for him, from the look on the little boy’s face one could guess that he was shocked and confused at the same time but I love the fact that he didn't cry out of fear, he just kept staring at the audience nonstop and it was so cute.


    The artist also introduced his shy wife on stage and this was a setup courtesy of the artist and his daughter, it was so nice to watch this family on stage even though his wife was shy she still looked beautiful.


    The concert was fun just like all the other music concerts that I have attended in the past. I look forward to going to another music concert with my friends very soon and I pray it will be bigger and better😃

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