How board games can help build capacity.

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    Capacity building is not only gotten through reading books or attending seminars and workshops. Playing simple board games can also help one build capacity intellectually and otherwise. I remember how it was difficult for me as a young college boy to do well in mathematics. I was giving my teacher lots of difficulties in solving simple calculations to the extent that I made a calculator my confidant. Adding numbers in my head and bringing out answers was a herculean task. Until one day, I decided to learn how to play a Ludo game. Playing Ludo was nowhere attractive to me as a person even when I saw how my neighbors would gather to play it, taking turns after the other. One day as luck would have it, my neighbor decided to put me through the game of Ludo. As I spent days on the game, my intelligence began to develop, and my mathematics acumen took a new turn. I was then able to do simple addition and subtraction without involving a calculator. This is one of the wonders board games can do.

    Playing board games is pretty good for mind and intellectual building because it gives you the ability to think, hence, attempting to bring out solutions to difficult situations. Most real-life problems and challenges can be surmounted through board games. Think about games like Cheese, scrabble, checkers, whot, and many others. Playing these games is good at elevating the minds to think outside of the box and stand out in every difficult situation.


    Board games are also helpful to children. Introducing board games to children, especially at a very tender age will help ignite intuition and brain development to think rapidly. Therefore children who seem to be dull in understanding might be that they were not introduced to games at a tender age.

    Moreover, board games like Scrabble that deal with words help in the development of vocabulary. Many people are always short of words especially when writing and in speech making. Thereby making their writings and speeches less interesting. Therefore, for speech development as well as enlargement of vocabulary one needs to engage more in board games.

    Beyond intellectual enlargement and vocabulary development, board games can help in risk management. Life itself is a risk hence there is a need for one to learn how to manage and avoid risky situations. This is where life principles are applied in board games. You think before you make a move, and you also calculate your risks before you take them.

    In all, playing board games goes beyond entertainment.

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