While photography is an art, flowers are the software of Happiness

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    If you ever want to surmount tension, depression, and anxiety in this highly synthetic world, you should seek recourse to explore a new alignment with Nature.

    You could start being a horticulturist with the limited resources available at your disposal.

    Vertical heights have become the new economy of Human civilization. In the urban area, due to want of space, Vertical spaces are development and economic imperative.

    In the countryside, having horizontal space is the most natural thing. I am blessed to inherit a huge backyard, thanks to my Grandfather.

    It's not perfect for sure, nor organized, But I seek solace at this place, I find myself immersed in the natural, organic, and intangible vibes of my Garden. This is my comfort zone where I interface with Nature and its ecosystem.

    This blog is predominantly a Photography blog, however, I will try to append my thoughts to it.

    Humans and Nature are deeply connected at many levels. And I find my Garden as that vehicle of connection. This connection may not necessarily be informed by the economy or tangible benefits.

    While our garden has fulfilled our food requirement to some extent in the context of organic veggies, it also fulfills our physiological needs, it is also the place where I meditate.

    But this Garden is not just about what is useful and what is not. Instead here everything including unwanted plants, weeds, etc are important. And I must reaffirm that this Garden is greater than the sum of its parts.

    The first four shots of this blog set the theme. How amazing the shots are. See the beauty of these unwanted things that have grown on them without having to do anything. They are surely unwanted, unwelcoming for Humans but even the unwanted thing can also be an art, can also be that beauty to glorify a Garden.

    This violet color flower is called the "Aparajita Flower", it is used in various rituals, and it is also used in tea for its medicinal benefits. The funny thing is that most of these plants are unwanted in villages.

    We do not take special care for this plant and this plant can survive and sustain easily.

    The dark violet color is mesmerizing. Nature has so many colors and so many ways to flaunt its beauty.

    We used to offer Aparajita Flower to "Mahadev" on Saturday at home. It has other uses as well.

    Then comes the yellow Lily Flower. This is a small adorable flower. I always love anything yellow in my Garden.

    This is another such plant that does not require much effort to grow in your backyard and it can dry out in Summer but in monsoon season it can sprout again to bloom cute lily flowers.

    Cultivating flowers is a source of pleasure for me. Direct sensory interactions, also trigger positive moods.

    If you believe that your emotional well-being requires some external stimulus, do consider Garden as one of them, and on a finer note, Flower is surely one of them.

    I do not know the English or even Hindi name of this white flower, but this one is the most precious plant for my Father. It releases a beautiful aroma during the night and makes the entire garden scented.

    Flowers do evoke feelings of Happiness, Try to spend some time in the Garden. You will explore a different level of energy and enthusiasm in your life. Your life will become music. Flowers are the software of Happiness.

    This is a Striped Barbados Lily flower. Plentily available in our entire village. A very beautiful flower, does not need any such major maintenance except watering in Summer.

    Photography is like an art. It is the photographic skills that elicit the beauty of Nature.

    So Nature and photographers are natural allies. You may not get those macro details without the photographic skills and quality lens/camera. Let's appreciate the collaboration of Nature and a Photographer

    If Nature is to be contemplated as a painting, photography elicits the effect of painting, the various seasons around the years add color to it.

    "Living close to Nature" is a cultural code and generational legacy for me and my family.

    Thank you.


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