Blackbutt Creek mushrooms - all shapes and colours : June 10 2024

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    Our guest left mid-morning - my wife dropped him off on her way to meet up with ling time friends. Headed down the hill to walk Blackbutt Creek. Idea was to walk one half back and forth

    Walked down the back of the golf course. Prefer doing that as it is a more direct route to the bush

    The creek running through the golf course

    Pea flowers - a few going still. Something in the photo is in focus - not the flower

    Was a day for mushrooms - again something is in focus

    All shapes and colours for the mushrooms - brown and some shapes

    Chiloglottis leaves - no buds - going to be a fab flower display when they start

    Was going to find a few greenhoods flowing - got this one budding hiding under cover - sharp greenhood

    This one has seeded

    Well. If there are mushrooms and no orchids - do the combo. Mushroom and orchid leaves

    And one more - bonnet orchid leaves

    Crossed the creek to walk up to Lady Game Drive access. Looks like a place to paddle - never mind the sewage overflow signs

    Weirdest shape of mushrooms - probably saturated with all the rain last week

    Access gate off Lady Game Drive. Not walked here before

    Wattle flowers against the track background

    NSW coral heath flower in the afternoon light

    More mushroom curves and autumnal tones

    A few of these going - five corners epacris

    Silvery mushrooms

    These little white mushrooms are a hard photo effort - they grab the light

    The larger mushrooms are easier to photograph

    Back to mushrooms and orchid leaves - this one was smaller than a US penny

    The least past the end of flowering sharp greenhood

    Mushrooms also in purple. I do miss the 25 orchids that were on my local track in Turramurra a shirt walk from home. Got to drive now to get that rich array or cycle some big hills

    Mushrooms are a good alternative in this wet time - lots of shape and colour variations

    Got the step over 10k. The walk is 90 minutes and 10k on its own

    Had dinner out with a friend of my wife's. Nice simple salmon and roast potatoes dinner. Good to have a night off cooking

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