My Bangladesh Intro

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    Honestly it's a privilege to be here. I saw Hive just a couple of days ago and I was really impressed with the whole system. I have been searching for a place I can share and talk about similar things with people who share similar interests. A place where I can just be myself and express my feelings.

    I was digging through the internet and I found, a fast scalable and reliable blockchain for web3. The content “Hive is not a shiny new toy really got my interest, and what caught my attention more is the fact it is not a get rich quick scheme. It's all about value and investing your time.

    My aim

    At first it was all new, I am really not a fan of writing but writing about life experiences and specific topics is really something that won't be hard to do. I saw different categories of communities the other day i was scooping through Hive and i said to myself, it's amazing to see different people coming all over the world giving value and knowledge to what they've experienced in life

    So yap my aim on here is simple i plan to give value to this wonderful system, participating in the activities being done in communities,

    The future:

    Of cause am staying on here for a very long time, though am working currently on some other projects but I've noticed Hive is all about investing your time and not your money,

    The future is bright i can fill it so walk on with me on this beautiful journey

    My Intro

    Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Wad, but i love to go by wadfun am from bangladesh and currently a sales personal in some boring pharmaceutical shop. Not really all that boring but at least it's paying some of my bills.

    We all know the economical situation currently in bangladesh, actually it's all over the world but i think bangladesh is more excessive, we try to catch on and survive on here. Some people actually find it hard to get a job and some find it hard to feed but all in all it's all about being grateful to God for whatever situation we find ourselves in.

    Well am gonna stop here for now, see you all on the inside…..

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