Mr FAFO Finds Out Again Or Just Another Performance?

in voilk •  2 months ago

    According to anti-Israel propaganda channels on Telgram, Pallywood crisis actor Saleh Aljafarawi, otherwise known as “Mr #FAFO”, has been injured "during the occupation’s aggression against Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis and was transferred to Kuwait Hospital in Rafah." (Hat tip: Uri)

    By "occupation's aggression", I assume they are referring to our “precise and limited” operation on the hospital there, the place where the IDF has “credible intelligence” that Hamas held hostages, and there may be bodies of hostages currently hidden there.

    If Mr FAFO did, indeed get injured by the IDF at the hospital today, it shows he ignored the evacuation orders. But I heavily suspect it is all yet another act. Besides his history of acting, check him hamming it up for the cameras - one minute in horrendous pain and the next..meh.

    Notice also the strategic cough, while he walks near the guy on the hospital bed where doctors are...resting their hands on his stomach.

    From horrendous pain to "meh", Gazan crisis actor @salehaljafarawi (#mrfafo) has quite the range. He can also strategically cough for added effect - while walking near a guy on a hospital bed where doctors are...resting their hands on his stomach🤦‍♂️

    — (((David Lange))) (@Israellycool) February 15, 2024

    Let's be real - if he is injured, there is a better chance he sustained the injury while playing table tennis.

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