My creative noxic butterfly

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    Greetings friends of hive and holozing,
    Today I present to you my project inspired by the colorfully noxic butterfly.
    I decided to use a different beautiful Color to make the work exceptional.
    Drawing has always been one of my favorites thing to do though am not too perfect but I never stopped learning and improving

    Materials needed

    🌻carbon paper
    🌻color pen
    🌻 black pen
    🌻 Pencil

    Colors used

    🌻 White


    Procedure for creating my creative art

    The drawing took about 2hour but those two hours was fill with fun.
    First of all I brought out all the necessary materials needed for my project which includes the carbon paper, the pen, pencil and color pen


    Step 2

    Start by drawing a lighter shade of the noxic butterfly with your pencil then use the black pen to shade it to your desire taste.




    Apply the required colors to it, in my case I choose these fascinating colors because it brought out the beauty of the noxic butterfly



    This is the final stage of the noxic butterfly and I hope you like it just like I do.

    Thanks for reading till the end.
    Yours faithfully: yummycruz1

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      😍😍😍 woaw

      Nice one

      This is amazing Art work.. I 😘 it