Angel face and crystal smile

in voilk •  5 days ago


    You came to me like rain in spring,
    Angel face and crystal smile,
    Your sweet words captivated me
    And since then I can't forget you.

    You have eyes of a goddess, cinnamon skin,
    Hands of silk to caress,
    Lips of roses, honey that comforts,
    Intoxicating to kiss endlessly.

    Your angel face, your pure white soul,
    You are a special being who radiates love,
    You colour my world with your tenderness,
    You are light that guides my path with ardor.

    With the angelic presence that you emanate,
    And the wings of your bright smile,
    You are the essence that my sorrows claim,
    Eternal angel, radiant and loving. |

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      You tmj

      Beautiful. I can relate.