My skill in the presence of robots

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    Greetings everyone!

    I remember last week when I wrote about my hustle in real life, which is laundry work. Someone came and read about how time-consuming the work can be, especially when it comes to ironing clothes. The person made a wish-like suggestion that if there was something like an ironing machine, life would become simpler.

    There was a time I came across a video of an ironing machine and how it's being done, which means a machine like that is in existence already, but I haven't been in touch with it. Probably it's only in developed countries for now. This tells me that somehow, my laundry work can be easily carried out by robots because in this current era, technology has grown and is still growing, and with it, the unimaginable is possible.

    Although my work needs more of brainwork as to positioning the clothes and knowing how to file out a crease on clothes, I think robots can easily do that too if they're well-programmed. The programming here has to do with inputting features to welcome all manners of clothes, with emphasis on different types of fabrics and majorly on women's clothes.
    Gosh! Women's clothes are the worst set of clothes to work on.

    If that eventually happens, what will be my way out?

    If by chance, technology comes out and makes robots handle laundry, I would still be doing it even though the patronage will not be the same.


    Currently, there are washing machines in many homes which make washing easier and stress-free, but do you know that not all clothes are meant to be machined washed? Most of my clients bring their clothes to me and beg me not to use the machine to wash them, which I obey to the core, and with that, they always come back.

    What am I saying in essence?

    Even in the presence of robots which will be handling clothes in a machined way, a good number of people out there will not want their clothes to be handled haphazardly, which will make them still search for people doing manual labor.

    One may want to say, "all the robots will be programmed in such a way to limit ERRORS", but the truth is that they can't do it (with care) the way humans do.

    Apart from that, I just love the work. I love seeing people dressed in clothes I worked on. I love the service I'm giving to the people.

    I know that the patronage and payment will reduce, which will supposedly push someone to get off such work, but for me, I just like it.

    Let me tell you: There were times I was doing this work not considering what was coming(payment). I had other jobs then and I wanted to quit finally from laundry, but I was begged by clients to still attend to them. This is not bragging!

    So, my skill cannot totally be obsolete!

    Thank you for reading.

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