📷Sports Saturday+ Video | 体育周六+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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    It was a nice enough day on Saturday though the sky started a bit gloomy. Went to the school for taichi practice. They had some guests. Watch the video/
    星期六的天气还不错,尽管天空开始有点阴沉。 去学校练太极拳。 他们有一些客人。 观看视啦。


    In the evening, I went to play pickleball for the first time after stopping for over 3 years. It was a nice day but some said it was very hot. Remember to drink more water. 
    晚上,我时隔三年多,第一次去打匹克球。 这是美好的一天,但有人说天气太热。 记得多喝水。

    After the game, my hands were black so I need to change my grip for the paddle. I bought a few from Decathlon recently and went to pick it up.
    打完球后,我的手变黑了,我需要换球拍握把。 最近在迪卡侬买了几个后领取了。

    Here is a video I recorded.

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