📷New NCCS building is opened+ Video | 新的国立癌症中心大楼开了+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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    I was heading office earlier this week. The new NCCS building is opened. So, the new Thomson-East Coast MRT line shorten my train ride to the office and the new building as a bridge connected to the train station exit. 
    本周早些时候我要去办公室。 新的国立癌症中心大楼启用了。 因此,新的 汤姆森东海岸线路缩短了我到办公室和地铁车程,这新大楼还有瞧连接地铁站出口。

    From the bridge, I could see the up slope I had to walk before. 

    Now, I can go in and and go through the building and outside to my office. Oh, there is a pop up food stall there.
    现在,我可以进去,穿过大楼,到外面到我的办公室。 哦,那里有一个食物摊。

    So, I went there for lunch one day. Cost $5. I am hoping the food court in the building open soon for another option for lunch. 
    所以,有一天我去那里吃午饭。 花费 5 元。 我希望大楼内的食阁能尽快开放,提供另一种午餐选择。


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