📷Lunch with a free coffee+ Video | 午餐有免费咖啡+ 视频😎(by @ace108)

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    Working from home on Friday and decided to go to the food centre for lunch.  

    It wasn't crowded there. Bought a wanton noodle and a coffee from two different stalls.  
    那里并不是很多人。 从两个不同的摊位买了一个云吞面和一杯咖啡。

    The coffee was sort of free because of the cash back from PayLah. Cheers to the free coffee. 
    由于 PayLah  app 的现金回扣,咖啡算是免费的。 为免费咖啡干杯。

    The noodle is $3.50 though it's not a lot. Time to eat. 
    面条是 $3.50,虽然分量不是很多。 吃吧。

    Here is a video I recorded.

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