📷Get a better grip + Video | 把手把弄好 + 视频😎(by @ace108)

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    Woke up with aching legs on Sunday morning after playing a few hours of pickleball on Saturday.  My project ok Sunday is to change the grip for my paddle.  
    在星期六打了几个小时的匹克球后,星期天早上醒来时腿痛。 我的星期天工程就是要换球拍的握把。

    I bought a pack from Decathlon online and went to to their store at Novena to pick up. 

    I ripped off the old grip and the crumbs made a mess. Then cleaned the handle with some expired hand sanitiser.  
    我剥掉了旧把手,碎片弄得一团糟。 然后用一些过期的洗手液清洁手把。

    When it was dried, it is wrap and wrap and wrap.  

    Cut off the end to fit nicely and put back the rubber grip. OK, I have another one to take care of. Maybe, next Sunday. 😎 
    切掉末端后贴好。然后放回橡胶夹。 好的,我还有一个球拍要搞要。 也许,下周日。 😎



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