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    I dropped out of the course at Singapore University of Technology and Design. It is a 6 modules course which I am exempted from one. However, after after finishing the first module, I found it was not up to my expectation. So, I decided to not pay the fees for the 2nd module and disappear. These are some of the last photos I took during the last few times I went there. The nice thing about the place was it is connected to the MRT train station.
    我在新加坡科技设计大学退学了。 这是一门 6 个课程,我可免上其中一门。 然而,在完成第一个个课程后,我觉得并没有达到我的y要求。决定不付第二个课程的学费。 这是我最近几次去那里拍的最后几张照片。 这个地方的好处是它与地铁站相连。

    Just inside, they have a posters telling you what food places they have which are also open to the public.

    The sun was just visible when I arrived one time. 

    I took a photo from the 1st floor to the class room and another photo from the classroom down. 

    There was one part of the building which I thought was nice was something we call a sky well. 


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