2022, November

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    Trump. Twitter. Discord. Oregon. My Chirpty Grapes Tuesday The First Day of November of 2022. Grape fences and hoses rolled up. Globalists Invading Brazil Wednesday. Danielle Dsouza Thursday. Greta Frosk Friday. Haiti Didn't Get Many Covid Deaths Saturday.

    The Big Three, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West Sunday the 6th. Kathy griffith my 10K+ bikes, I mean videos, I mean YouTube did it Monday. Kari Lake Won Tuesday. Milo on Tim. Google Steal Elections Wednesday. Garden bed flip. Brazil Arizona Stolen Thursday. Garden bed flip. Centralizing Voting Sucks Friday. Geraldy Nuked my Oatmeal Discord Server Saturday. He still under the weather.

    Up Chuck Dennis Nedry Banned Oatmeal Sunday the 14th. Hobo Oatmeal Monday. Trump 2024 Tuesday. Over 30% of the Arizona Tabulators Were Broken Wednesday. Twitter Staff Quit Thursday. Taylor Swift For US President 2024 Friday. Twitter Elon Musk Restores Trump Saturday.

    DNA Sunday the 20th. Elon Musk Lies About Alex Jones Monday. Children Murderers Are On Twitter Tuesday. Oregon. Alison Steinberg @alisonsragepage Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving Brain CPU Thursday. Facebook Bans Britney Spears Friday. Classic Diner Trump Kanye West Saturday. Free China Sunday. Alisons Rage Page, Steinberg, Find Her on OAN, Twitter, Banned Video, Etc. Kanye West Tim Pool Monday. Twitter Elon Musk Africa Children Cobalt Mine Slaves Tuesday. Animals Circling Wednesday.

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    Robots can save and kill us depending on who is in control of the robots.

    Oatmeal Monthly - 2022-11 - November of 2022 | Published in of 2022





    My Chirpty Grapes

    2022-11-01 - Tuesday


    Alien Frog

    OATMEAL VERSUS ELON MUSK. Elon Musk is a Meme Master. He is not only Chief Twit but also the Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator. People on Twitter are saying Twitter sucks. One said people only like Musk for his money. Elon Musk is the Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator. In other news, Oatmeal is the 10K+ YouTube Videos Theft Hotline Operator. Oatmeal is Rathgor.

    OATMEAL IS THE 10K+ YOUTUBE VIDEOS THEFT OPERATOR. THE SHOCKING BETRAYAL OF THE CENTURY. Oatmeal Betrays His Fans, Ghosting His Own Discord Server, Invite Link Here, Do NOT Enter Or Else. DO NOT CLICK HERE. Alex Jones talks with Judge Joe Brown.

    Covid was a psychological operation conducted by governmental corporate cartels and Climate is the current Psy-op. Chrissie Mayr's Circle of Influence. Chrissie is connected to Tim Pool who is connected to Joe Rogan who is connected to Kanye West.

    My Chirpty

    Globalists Invading Brazil

    2022-11-02 - Wednesday

    2022-11-02 - Wednesday - 06:05 PM - Roy Merrick With YouTube Master unknown.png

    Roy Merrick Working With YouTube to Delete My 10K+ Videos Illegally

    I'm mostly trying to build a general outline, a template, a historical archive, a starting point, a foundational springboard to telling my own autobiography, my content, and to then expand off that gradually, randomly, and systematically.

    Alison Morrow talked about how she won her appeal, the secret was ganging up on YouTube. YouTube deleted my channel permanently without giving me a third strike. Is the FBI secretly infiltrating The Oatmeal Cult?

    Danielle Dsouza

    2022-11-03 - Thursday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-03 18-50-24.png


    Kanye West Alex Jones interview is scheduled for Saturday. Kanye better not cancel last minute. World War 3 was announced Wednesday between Russia/America. Have you ever been to THE OATMEAL CULT which you can only find on this DISCORD SERVER? Roy Merrick EZ Blazer Memes World Productions Memes. MISSING DOG ALERT. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS POOR OLD DOG? PLEASE CONTACT DISCORD. Overlord Roy Merrick thinks he is the best Meme Master ever. If you got the balls to go toe to toe with him, roll on over to Discord. Unless if you're chicken.

    California is a transgender children surgery sanctuary state thanks to a new bill which allows kids from other states to come without parental knowledge let alone permission. Drew Hernandez confronted Obama at a rally. Drew is on Alex Jones. Obama was talking back to Drew. I will be banned for talking about what the Dems did in 2020. They will try even harder to do it again in 2022. Talking about this WILL GET YOU DELETED. Danielle D'Souza is on Tim Pool right now.

    Anne Hathaway said we can't treat every person or abortion the same. Wait a minute, whatever happened to equality? They preach that if you're not going to be able to make a lot of money, then we must end your life before it even begins. ELON MUSK UNBAN EVERY SINGLE TWITTER ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW OR ELSE. The Oatmeal Cult Can Only Be Found At The Memes World Productions on Discord.

    Greta Frosk

    2022-11-04 - Friday


    Greta Frosk

    Roy Merrick is the PRESIDENT OF THE OATMEAL CULT. SHUT UP. OATMEAL DESERVES A BLOODY APOLOGY. NEVER MIND JOHNNY DEPP AND AMBER HEARD. YOUTUBE DELETED HIS 10K+ VIDEOS. GOD DAMN IT. I actually had two guinea pigs. You know nothing Jon Snow, I mean Roy Merrick Baby. Can somebody tell him to contact YouTube for me? Send them the links, email addresses, and phone numbers. YouTube committed INTENDED DEFAMATION AGAINST OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD. FOR MORE INFO, GO TO DISCORD AT https://discord.gg/SjKcddF5St AND GO RIGHT NOW.


    Haiti Didn't Get Many Covid Deaths

    2022-11-05 - Saturday


    Interracial Couple Fucks Entire Nation, Sexual Intercourse Orgy, Porn Hub, Nude, Naked

    People who get abortions get cancer. Not too many Covid deaths in Haiti, why was that? 2000 Mules got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. YouTube deleted my 10K+ videos for mentioning how Trump won 2020. Hillary Clinton said 2024 will be stolen. YouTube deleted my 10K+ videos because I said 2020 was stolen.

    7-Eleven wants you to take off your mask and put on your mask before entering. Many stores have a no-mask policy. Some states may have laws stating you can't wear masks inside stores. People who were trying to force other people to wear masks were breaking the law.

    The Big Three, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West

    2022-11-06 - Sunday


    The Big Three, Musk, Trump, West

    Should you put MRNA into your body? People on the Rumble live chat said Q Qanon stuff and people and things or whatever started in 1987. Didn't Alex say Q was taken over by bad people? When you say Q, do you mean Qanon? Which projects, good or bad projects? When you say projects, are you talking about the good guys or the bad guys? Would you say DARPA is good or bad? Alex said the development and the purpose of the Internet was to keep an eye on everybody.

    The globalists don't want Infowars Alex Jones and other Truth Warriors back onto Twitter. The Control Freak Monsters are going after Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Trump. Only peaceful voting, protests, lawsuits, involvement, awareness, videos, activism, can snap us out of the Wizard of Oz Matrix Wall-E.

    Kathy griffith my 10K+ bikes, I mean videos, I mean YouTube did it

    2022-11-07 - Monday


    Facebook Will Not Let You Handle The Truth

    Free Kathy Bike Elon Musk. Free Oatmeal. Twitter, what are you doing? YouTube and Facebook did this same 2F authenticating nonsense to STEAL dozens of my accounts and channels and way over 10K+ videos of mine. They'll let some REPUBLICANS win 2022 in order to then BLAME THEM FOR ALL OF THE BIG WORLD PROBLEMS. But they are trying to steal it from the right like they did to a large degree in 2020.

    There are people on TV saying "INFLATION" is a REPUBLICAN WORD used to trick people into VOTING RED. They did an experiment. On average, they would say the person handing them cold coffee were cold and the people handing them hot coffee warm. In reality, there was no correlation between the two. But most people are sleep-walking.

    Blood moons symbolizes the overthrowing of the king. There is a red wave coming Tuesday on the same day a red moon is appearing in the sky. Trump was born on a blood moon in 1946 and that moon is back right now during a red wave in 2022. We don't believe what we see, we see what we believe.

    Kari Lake Won

    2022-11-08 - Tuesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-08 19-05-48.png

    Candace Owens

    Kari Lake won. Good work Kari. BREAKING NEWS, 2022 WAS STOLEN JUST LIKE 2020. They are finding RIPPED UP BALLOTS. YOU CAN VOTE DEMOCRAT BUT ALL THE REPUBLICAN MACHINES ARE BROKEN RIGHT NOW. People on my Discord think I'm making things up.

    MY DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SjKcddF5St

    Disney lovers hate Infowars. Will they have a bunch of fake ballots to counter the red wave today? They are saying it will take weeks to count the votes and that in the end the right side will lose. Voting machines are accidentally Malfunctioning to vote Democrats in so many states. Plus, they have a bunch of ballots SITTING INSIDE WAREHOUSES RIGHT NOW. Please PEACEFULLY PROTEST RIGHT NOW IN ARIZONA AND OTHER BATTLEGROUND STATES where THE LEFT IS STEALING THE 2022 ELECTION. Get out your phone. FILM EVERYTHING. SEND IT EVERYWHERE.

    I would vote for LeeAnn Star of Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast. ALEX JONES WILL BE TAKING CALLS, WE WILL BE WATCHING AS THEY STEAL IT. THE LEFT SAID IT WILL TAKE WEEKS TO COUNT ALL OF THEIR FAKE BALLOTS. MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY WEEKS. Breaking news, machines are all breaking down but only in the battleground states coincidentally enough exactly like in 2020.

    The Republic only rises as we talk about it. Infowars Alex Jones, $2.75 TRILLION DOLLARS MAY NOT EVEN BE ENOUGH MONEY SHE SAID.

    Google Steal Elections

    2022-11-09 - Wednesday

    2022-11-09 - Wednesday - 12:55 PM - Roy Merrick, Parrot Oatmeal Election Fraud, Theft, 2022 USA image.png

    Roy Merrick, Parrot Oatmeal Election Fraud, Theft, 2022 USA

    Milo on Tim Pool. GOOGLE WAS CAUGHT RED HANDED DIRECTING OVER 90% OF THE TRAFFIC TO DEMOCRATS. BIG TECH FACEBOOK MARK ZUCKERBERG ADMIT TO STEALING 2020 WHEN HE WAS ON THE JOE ROGAN VIDEO PODCAST IN 2022. Kari Lake is down by 12K. Less than a million ballots left to count. Most people vote Lake. I'm down by only 10K+ videos YouTube ILLEGALLY STOLE FROM ME without giving me a 3rd strike. The graphs don't match the data. Is that early spike from mail-in ballots or are the ballots counted after Tuesday? The answer cannot be both.

    Democrats kept gas prices down to trick undecided voters into voting blue. If you thought inflation was bad now, you aint seen nothing yet as we approach 2023. We warned you. Women should not vote because they have a higher role of raising families.

    Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence said: "Yay Democracy." NO. I SAY NO. I HATE DEMOCRACY. AMERICA IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. NOT A DEMOCRACY. Elections are stolen on several levels. Pre-election polls showed most Americans HATE INFLATION and were PLANNING TO VOTE AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS WHO CAUSED IT. Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis "Would be nothing without Donald Trump," Laura Loomer. TRUE.

    The HOT Laura Loomer can be found on her website.

    Brazil Arizona Stolen

    2022-11-10 - Thursday

    Democrats It Clown FhJOXfGXoAAmmiu.jpeg

    Come into the Arnold Attic Basement to vote Democrat

    Brazil was stolen. The longer they delay the counting, the more potential stealing from Kari Lake, I hope Mike Lindell and others are documenting the theft as much as possible. They are calling it the BLUE MAGIC LINE, every time the red line would rise over the blue line, then MAGICALLY THE BLUE LINE WOULD MAGICALLY AND DELICIOUSLY SPIKE STRAIGHT UP. Kari Lake in Arizona is down by around 13,000 votes as of Wednesday. Over 80% of the remaining 400,000 ballots are most likely going to go to Lake. A similar thing happened a few months ago for Lake in the primaries 3 months ago back in August of 2022.

    EVERYBODY AGREES. The election in Arizona is being run POORLY. The person running them is Katie Hobbs, the opponent of Kari Lake. It's not like Katie is going to break any laws in order to stay in office, right? Attacks on PA and GA in 2022 came from the same IP addresses that attacked those 2 states in 2020. In 2020 in Michigan, this van dropped off 106,000 ballots which all MAGICALLY went to BIDEN and none went to Trump which is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. But where did these ballots come from? Because the mail-in ballots were already counted. This was at 2020-11-05 - Wednesday - 03:30 AM EST.

    They were able to get thousands of BRAIN WASHED young college students (WHO ARE DROWNING IN NEEDLESS DEBT THAT ENSLAVES THEM) to vote DEMOCRAT. Their debt is thanks to the DEMOCRATS. You WILL REGRET VOTING BLUE. We have to get down to elections not selections. Judges were not looking at the 2020 ELECTION THEFT EVIDENCE, the excuse given was called "STANDING" but 2022 may be different, but we all must peacefully protest online and offline to put pressure on the judges to do the right thing, step one is simply talk about this, period.

    2022-11-08 - Tuesday - 10:42 PM EST - Illinois Update: blue votes up a million. There were more updates after that. And then it went down about a million. In 2020, if a bunch of mail-in ballots were counted on Monday, the 3rd of November, then what were they counting Wednesday, on the 5th? There are videos of vans coming out of nowhere while nobody was looking. But these weren't the mail-in ballots because they were already counted.

    Centralizing Voting Sucks

    2022-11-11 - Friday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-11 02-19-52.png

    Arizona Governor Kari Lake

    One of the problems is they started centralizing to force people to wait in longer lines to vote at larger precincts. Before, people would vote at schools, churches, etc. They have been limiting the places which then creates other problems too. 23 precincts in Harris County of Texas were all really red and all 23 of them just so happened to run out of paper.

    Don't you dare steal my Kathy Bike, I mean my 10K+ YouTube Videos (cuz they already did), I mean my Obama Phone.

    Geraldy Nuked my Oatmeal Discord Server

    2022-11-12 - Saturday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-12 23-14-26 Discord.png

    Geraldy Nuked My Oatmeal Discord Server

    Hundreds of Jan6 Inmates have been stuck in prison for two years, since 2021, there are websites dedicated to giving you updates/letters. Many of them were not even charged with actual crimes and yet are in jail without bail/trial. PatriotMailProject.com. Kari Lake has more votes but they will try to say Kari stole it in Arizona. Why are people not protesting? You deserve Hell if you do not stand up.

    In Arizona, they have snipers on the roof, the CIA really does NOT want you to watch them STEAL ARIZONA FROM KARI LAKE. IN ARIZONA, THEY ARE COUNTING THE BLUE BALLOTS FIRST. AND THEN THEY WILL COUNT THE RED VOTES STARTING MONDAY. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS STOP COUNTING BEFORE THE RED VOTES GO ABOVE THE BLUE VOTES. A rogue admin, username GeraldyJones65#0708, ID number 556213692321235011, nuked my Discord server, ID number 1041091544335274065. My Discord server, ID number 558729303261577226, Shard ID 314, was nuked by account username GeraldyJones65#0708, user ID 556213692321235011.


    Up Chuck Dennis Nedry Banned Oatmeal

    2022-11-13 - Sunday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-13 19-56-18 Simpcast.png

    The Simpcast

    Your best friend GERALDY JONES nukes your super cool OATMEAL DISCORD SERVER and then when you tell THE UP CHUCK, then Dennis Nedry bans you and sides with a MURDERER. I hate it when people click on links and spam the HELL out of my Discord Server with STUPID MEMES. Grow the eff up. Get a life. Stop CLICKING ON DUMB RETARDED LINKS.

    You are NOT invited to NOT CLICK HERE to join my Discord server:

    Upchuck Discord Invite:

    Oatmeal Server:

    YouTube should NOT have banned BxBullet. Well, Google also banned many of my 40+ channels and 10K+ videos. We should always put pressure on social media when they selectively enforce subjective rules. There is a double standard.

    She said SIDE-EFFECTS caused by COVID VACCINES, the DISEASES, far outweighs getting Covid which most people recover from within days. But she believes in the FOR THE GREATER GOOD SCAM and so many people ARE DYING AND AS THEY DIE THEY SAY THEY WOULD DO IT AGAIN. CRAZY.

    Hobo Oatmeal

    2022-11-14 - Monday


    Globalists will eat you for breakfast if you ignore them.



    I want Trump 2024, Ron DeSantis or Kari Lake 2028. They're trying to arrest Trump. Please remember Trump has more support. Also, they stole it from him in 2020. Let Trump have a REVENGE TOUR in 2024. Dividing the red vote in 2024 only makes it easier for the left to win. It's called divide and conquer, it's a trap. They want us to fight among each other. But we are both on the same side. Let Trump & Ron debate, let the best man be NOMINATED to run. I want to see the two debate live on television and online.

    88% of the Arizona ballots were not from last Tuesday, meaning in-person on election day, meaning 88% of the votes were early ballot mail-in, early drop-off, or same day drop-off. Kari Lake needs to get at least 58% of the remaining roughly 100,000 ballots. But they are actively trying to steal it from Lake as we speak. They will try very hard to say Lake lost. Lake did NOT lose. They want us to do nothing about their theft as the world is watching.

    Ian Oat Box Drum is correct, it was very unexpected when Geraldy Jones nuked my Discord server out of nowhere because he never personified these types of actions for months, there was no pattern of TOTAL DESTRUCTION. It came out of the blue. Roy Merrick asked me if I wanted him to repost job listings. The better question would be if I wanted them in the first place or if I was even looking or desiring a Severance Reality. I have a bot sending links of my YouTube videos to Discord. I have a bot sending my Twitter tweets to Discord, I hope Elon Musk does not delete me since that makes my account a bot account by proxy.

    The myth is that THE OATMEAL is a professional HOBO who did not, does not, will not, can not, shall not, and will not ever support the kernels of the velocity of himself; it's delusional to ask a fish whether or not swimming and drowning is a raging spoon of distraction. Pewdiepie overtaken by MrBeast who now has more subscribers. But who cares because YouTube @TeamYouTube DELETED my 10K+ videos and 40+ channels. Google is almost as bad as what Facebook did.

    They're trying to lower the voting age, the younger you are the more likely you're a Democrat because the care you get from your parents is a form of welfare which the left promoted, it's only logical to see government as your Daddy. They're trying to lower the voting age, the younger you are the more likely you're a Democrat because the care you get from your parents is a form of welfare which the left promoted, it's only logical to see government as your Daddy.

    Elon Musk @elonmusk, why is this governmental box pinned to the top of the page, are you colluding to cover up Covid Vaccine Deaths?

    Trump 2024

    2022-11-15 - Tuesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-16 00-58-58 Discord.png

    Oatmeal is bad like Soros

    Trump 2024 Announced. Governments are preparing to terminate the disabled, this is worse than Assisted-Suicide, it is more like Enforced-Suicide for the handicapped. Facebook said you cannot post links to TEXIT. Not BREXIT. We are talking about making Texas a country. But Mark thinks that bad.

    IN NEVADA, DEMOCRATS ARE STILL VOTING A WEEK AFTER THE DEADLINE. IT IS ILLEGAL BUT THEY ARE STILL VOTING. One way they steal elections is they have security cameras malfunction right as they magically find new ballots which all favor them. Katie Hobbs was overseeing the election over Kari Lake, here she is caught on camera doing something. The election was stolen bigly. 23 precincts ran out of paper. Live streams lost connection right as BLUE BALLOTS SUDDENLY APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE SAME AS 2020. We told you this would happen.

    If you saw Arizona election workers mixing or trashing ballots, we need affidavits, please contact us at KARI LAKE . COM / CURE and please share this everywhere or else. It's now or never.

    People demand a new election in Arizona for the 6th of December of 2022. If you voted, make sure it was counted at Kari Lake . com/ CURE.


    According to ABC, Arizona exit poll results. But notice how the people who answered one way didn't vote (apx 80+%) and the people who answered the other way did vote (apx 80+%). According to Katie Hobbs, there were 4,143,929 registered voters for the 2022 General Election in Arizona: 1,270,544 Democrats, 2,873,385 NOT Democrats. There were 1,602,841 more NOT-Democrats than there were Democrats. How many NOT-Democrats voted Democrat? CNN said 2,536,625 ballots were counted in Arizona but Axios said 3.1 million ballots were sent out in the mail. Are we missing 500K ballots?

    Over 30% of the Arizona Tabulators Were Broken

    2022-11-16 - Wednesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-16 23-32-14.png

    Trump Must Win The Culture to Win 2024

    Virus is Latin for venom which means poison. This Elon Musk letter to former Twitter staff says click on the link if you're interested in joining my website which is not Jack Dorsey's website, you must work hard, and you will receive 3 months of FREE MONEY if you fail to click on the link by 5 PM ET on Thursday.

    CRIMINAL Katie Hobbs over Arizona Governor Kari Lake by 17,249 votes and yet there is still another 27,545 ballots not yet counted according to the Arizona Vote App website. They did not let her and thousands of people vote, she is in the video crying, she was waiting hours to vote as the machines were broken, so many people drove off and others ran into other issues. If you don't like this black girl, then you racist.

    Over 30% of the tabulators were broken the morning of Election Day 2022 in Arizona, voters were told to just drop their ballots into boxes to have them counted downtown or wherever. Many people were unable to vote. Encourage people to go to KARI LAKE . COM / CURE to see if their ballot was counted or lost. Many THOUSANDS were lost or what have you.


    Roger Stone compared Trump to Grover Cleveland who was the 24th/26th President in 1885/1893. He won the popular vote in 1888 same as Trump did in 2020. Harrison was the 23rd President in 1889. AI made this Dragon Ball Trump image, Tim Pool asked the computer to make it and is now putting it onto shirts. In order to win 2024, Trump must capture the culture.

    Twitter Staff Quit

    2022-11-17 - Thursday

    Biden Fetterman JTatEkfN.jpeg

    Biden Fetterman 2023, It's A No Brainer

    You cannot solve world hunger. That is an insane idea. You don't feed people fish, you teach people how to fish. That is how you make a difference. Teach people how to teach themselves.

    Millions of people out in Brazil day after day, this should be happening in Arizona right now. How is Brazil doing it better than America? You go to VOTE and the PRINTER is out of PAPER. They tell you to go to a different voting CENTER. You go and then the people THERE say you CANNOT vote because you're checked in at the PREVIOUS CENTER. This only happened in RED DISTRICTS. Why did this NOT happen in BLUE PRECINCTS?

    Everyone on fake news says "Demographics is Destiny." Chuck Schumer said yesterday we must get rid of U.S. borders because white people are not having enough babies, not enough workers.

    Some of the Covid Vaccines were not as bad due to the little CREATURES inside dying due to the MINIONS failing to keep the vaccines at the current temperature, it's kind of like making yogurt with live active culture. Only difference is this is all about MURDERING CULTURE. This commercial is encouraging parents and society to MURDER CHILDREN via Covid Vaccines. When are the new Nuremberg Trials coming?

    Taylor Swift For US President 2024

    2022-11-18 - Friday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-18 18-14-20 Taylor Swift.png

    Taylor Swift For US President 2024

    Taylor Swift 2024, she is turning 35 on the 13th of December of 2024. Will she run for U.S. President to take down Orange Man Bad Trump? They did a study, they gave rats BUTTONS, when you press it, pleasure is sent through a wire and into their brains. The RATS eventually stopped eating, sleeping, sex, etc, and kept on pressing the buttons until THEY DIED. Good thing Facebook Meta VR Ocelot is failing?

    In 2030, you'll own nothing, you'll have no privacy, you will be too stupid to know you're living in a nightmare, a Prison Planet, that is if you ignore this warning, this is what they're implementing slowly but surely, not talking about it only makes things worse. Elon Musk must expose the globalists who are trying to murder 7.5 BILLION people, the world population officially hit eight billion in 2022, their goal is to keep the population under half a billion, they want to make sure they can manage every single worker bee, slave ant human.

    29 out of every 30 ballots didn't go through tabulators at this location in Arizona. Katie Hobbs stole the election from Kari Lake, the evidence is all over the place. If you're not sharing this, then you're siding with the theft. If Satan was real and was suspended off Twitter, but didn't break the rules, would you want Elon Musk to restore the Devil back onto Twitter? Good response to Elon Musk from Alex Jones. Globalist forces are trying to take down Twitter. Elon has to gain full control of Twitter before 2025 before Elon can even think about restoring Alex, Trump, and others. That may be the case, that Elon is in a tough situation.

    You cannot leave your house without it, and talking about this makes you a bad person they say. Assuming Elon Musk isn't TROLLING, isn't able to, etc, THEN not restoring Infowars Alex Jones is 1984 TYRANNY, we can assume Elon is THEREFORE bad, or people lied to Elon about Alex, or a combination of many things. Hard to say what is going on, Elon is WRONG regardless, PERIOD. Assuming Satan is real, if Satan had a Twitter, if Satan was following the rules, would Elon Musk SUSPEND SATAN? And then replace the word SATAN with Infowars Alex Jones and ask the same question again.

    Twitter Elon Musk Restores Trump

    2022-11-19 - Saturday

    Twitter Trump Popcorn Fh-ZzETXwAEnLEg.jpeg

    Twitter Elon Musk Restores Trump

    Make America Great Again. Only qualified people should vote. Pass the test & then you can quote. Verify you only vote one time. Make sure we only count the votes of living people. No animals allowed. No duplicates allowed. Make sure each vote is count. HE'S BACK. Basketball god Michael Jordan faxed "I'm back" when he returned to the NBA for his second Chicago Bulls 3-peat. President Trumps the competition. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump is STILL TERMINATED off YouTube @TeamYouTube just like my 10K+ videos. 900K+ followers.

    How is life on your side of the world? One of the goals DARPA (and others, hint hint) may have had in developing the Internet going back many decades would in my opinion would include trying to OVER-SENSITIZE to therefore desensitize (NUMB) society into the literal WALKING DEAD.


    2022-11-20 - Sunday

    Twitter Trump Elon Musk FiCz4bnXgAMYqyj.jpeg

    Twitter Trump Elon Musk Romance

    Trump back on Twitter. Can DNA be naturally altered or is it fixed based on the genetics of one's parents and fixed from birth to death? Does DNA change? It seems like schools tend to teach DNA is basically fixed. But the alleged story is DNA is determined at or before birth, that the code in the DNA is fixed and is not changing. I would love to know if DNA could be reprogrammed. But then again, that may result in cancer, tumors, etc.

    Elon Musk Lies About Alex Jones

    2022-11-21 - Monday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-22 00-42-51 Discord.png

    My Discord

    Elon Musk believes in fake news or is bad because the whole Alex Jones Sandy Hook Thing is MASSIVE DECEPTION similar to the lies they told about Trump and other people too. Yeah. Insane. Elon Musk Failed. We will NOT forget what Elon Musk said. Alex Jones didn't kill SANDY HOOK CHILDREN, they want him to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, the Adam Lanza Estate only had to pay 1.5 MILLION for the ACTUAL MURDER OF ALMOST THIRTY PEOPLE, and they lied about what Alex actually said and did.

    If they can lie about ALEX JONES, keep him out of the PUBLIC TOWN SQUARE, then they CAN DO THAT TO YOU TOO and anybody really. The Alex Jones Sandy Hook Thing is a lie just like how they said Trump said all Mexicans are rapists. Trump did not say that and Alex did not exactly do what they say he did, it's a long story. Oatmeal Joey Arnold was born in the 1900s.

    Right as the right wins Colorado with Lauren Boebert, we MAGICALLY get shootings, people die. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is FALLING for the lies people spread about Sandy Hook Alex Jones while ignoring KILLER Covid Vaccines. Twitter Overlord Elon Musk doesn't want you to visit the Infowars Alex Jones store, get free gifts when you buy. I have blue toothpaste and a black We Are Alex Jones shirt.

    Children Murderers Are On Twitter

    2022-11-22 - Tuesday

    Twitter Elon Musk Tate Trump FiLv44iXEAwdyn-.jpeg

    Twitter Elon Musk Tate Trump

    This happens to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Trump clearly won the election in 2020. Democrats have been engaged in election theft for decades. DO NOT CERTIFY ARIZONA UNTIL EACH VOTE IS COUNTED, EACH BALLOT.

    People who literally kill children are on Twitter. Alex Jones literally save people from death. Alex has saved countless lives.

    Alison Steinberg @alisonsragepage

    2022-11-23 - Wednesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-23 14-54-40 Infowars Alex Jones Sandy Hook 2.75 TRILLION DOLLARS Law Court Trial Show Case.png

    Infowars Alex Jones Sandy Hook 2.75 TRILLION DOLLARS

    Twitter STOPPED the Hunter Biden Laptop from getting out, that INFLUENCED the 2020 election which Trump won. My @joeyarnold account was SUSPENDED @elonmusk for talking about how Trump won. Twitter influenced the 2020 election. Greg greg_price11 asked Elon Musk: "Is it still against Twitter's terms of service to threaten people's lives?" Elon responded: "Yes." But Elon Musk THREATENED Alex Jones, period. Elon lied about Alex. That is VERY BAD.

    It was not so much that I was told I was a boy. It was more so that I started noticing that girls are not boys when I was like maybe five. So at first, it wasn't really that my gender was even a thing and more so that girls had longer hair and played with dolls. Alison Steinberg, Chrissie Mayr has a Simpcast show on Sundays on her YouTube, she should have you on her show or something. Chrissie knows Owen Shroyer. Chrissie has been on Infowars with Alex Jones.

    Happy Thanksgiving Brain CPU

    2022-11-24 - Thursday


    King Charles

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022. The problem is when social media chooses to hide what these limits are and worse is when networks like Facebook punishes users for going past invisible boundaries. Text+ allowed me to reactivate or authenticate my YouTube, I sent a text to it where sending a text to TextNow was not allowed without giving TextNow money.

    I thought they want equality. Eric July: "Elon buying Twitter, and the leftist reaction to it, is putting you on game. You already knew they weaponized victimization. All the “hate” and “harassment” nonsense is a front. It boils down to this: They fear a platform that allows their enemies on a similar playing field." Will @ElonMusk's December 2022 @Twitter Amnesty be forgiveness, will it mean the restoration of many terminated accounts, will that include Alex Jones or who are the exceptions to the Amnesty? Who will not be reinstated or will all accounts be reactivated and unbanned next week?

    Vaccinated Americans will probably die before 2025. Elon Musk, what is this HHS crap being thrown at me? What kind of propaganda are you pushing? Are you colluding with government? Facebook is not an app. Facebook has apps. But Facebook is more than that. Facebook censored and banned people for political opinions.

    Facebook Bans Britney Spears

    2022-11-25 - Friday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-25 17-44-55 Facebook Banned.png

    Facebook Bans Britney Spears

    Happy Black Friday. Buy socks, underwear. Sister Act. Dumb & Dumber. Singing in the rain. The 1983 Lisa I had 1 MB HDD and 2 MB RAM. More RAM than HDD. Was it easier to make RAM than it was to make HDD? How did that reverse itself over the years?

    Classic Diner Trump Kanye West

    2022-11-26 - Saturday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-26 21-01-01.png

    Ivory Hecker and her friend are hot

    Classic Diner. Cherish the past. Embrace the future. Trump blowing up on Kanye West at a Thanksgiving 2022 dinner. Trump is losing perspective. It's sad to see. But it's also sad to see Divide & Conquer dilute the power of a single party on the right to counter all the cheating happening on the left during elections.

    Free China

    2022-11-27 - Sunday

    Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast

    It is time to free China of the decades of Pooh Tyranny. Lila Hart: "You are born looking like your parents but you die looking like your decisions."

    I love how Twitter Spaces has subtitles, closed captioning (CC) where you can read along while listening to podcasts. You can also click on the speakers to visit their Twitter accounts. It's like a built-in plug. It's promotional. Hope we can compete with YouTube.

    Kanye West Tim Pool

    2022-11-28 - Monday

    Apple China FishxLaX0AAoNqt.jpeg

    Secret Apple China Deal worth many billions of dollars

    I've been following Naomi Brockwell for years since like 2017 or something. I probably first saw her on Steemit at https://Steemit.com and https://Hive.blog which are blockchain blogging websites which use cryptocurrency, I keep blogs on those websites. Certifying corruption in Arizona, Kari Lake won in 2022, period. Trump win in 2016 and 2020. Kanye West walked off the Tim Pool show around 05:20 PM PST today, Kanye was wrong to walk off Timcast. Milo went to see what happened. Tim was only trying to debate him a little on his comments regarding the Jews taking over the world which is partly true in some ways.

    Ireland to IMPRISON people in POSSESSION of hate speech which is defined as being against transgenders, election theft, the 2030 WEF climate scam, open borders, two biological men having children (which is physically impossible), crime, immorality, communism, LOCKDOWN, tyranny. United States of America to IMPRISON Hate Speech Violators same as Ireland, China, North Korea, Europe, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, etc. If we don't push back, things will only get worse and worse.

    Critical distinction, there is value in seeing the necessity of God over trying to prove in the existence of be it God or a higher power of any kind. The meaning to life can be found when you follow patterns embedded in world history. If you take the time, you can see catch it. This CIA man said free speech is nonsense that Russia Putin is using to get away with the Ukraine crimes which were actually done by NATO, America, etc. This guy is trying to say free speech is bad.

    Twitter Elon Musk Africa Children Cobalt Mine Slaves

    2022-11-29 - Tuesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-29 14-42-17.png

    Alisons Rage Page, Steinberg, Find Her on OAN, Twitter, Banned Video, Etc

    Is it true Elon Musk has slave Cobalt mines in Africa where children under the age of ten die at? I believe all humans came from the three sons of Noah, meaning three basic races or whatever we want to call the three main colors. But then some of the Jews like Kanye West said were black. My push back would be if Milo changed, then I'd consider giving Milo a second chance. But many times, people don't change. I don't really know. But Milo says he changed. Is Club House like Spotify?

    She was raped for over a thousand hours before the age of twelve, governments and others collude illegally in international trafficking, open borders. This is worse than the alleged Ukraine news. It's not just China and Europe. This is Anneke Lucas, Quest For Love: Memoir of a Child Sex Slave. It takes a Barbie doll like Alison to EXPOSE the full-size child sex dolls of Balenciaga. Hollywood is involved in trafficking. Have a very schwabby WEF Christmas 2030, you'll get no presents and be happy.

    Animals Circling

    2022-11-30 - Wednesday

    Screenshot at 2022-11-30 18-58-20 Trump Operation Warp Speed.png

    Should Trump be executed for promoting the killer Covid Vaccines?

    Why are animals and ants circling in circles for months now in 2022, what in the world are the globalists up to this time? What else are they doing that we don't know about? Soros is a crazy thug who buys up judges and other officials all over the place including Texas where they let convicted murderers out of prison within a day while also trying to charge Alex Jones TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This Lord Rothschild Lady is talking about how Free Market Capitalism is bad. But in reality, crony corporatism ILLEGALLY colluded with federal and international cartels within governments around the world to INFLICT LOCKDOWNS which caused many people to die.

    Twitter did interfere with elections and Elon Musk should now restore @joeyarnold and other accounts. Bring on the amnesty. We should LITTER the offline world with books like Infowars Alex Jones' THE GREAT RESET, leave them at libraries, churches, stores, schools, hospitals, lobbies, hotels, doctors, zoos, labs, factories, neighborhoods. Donate em. Suicide hotline says they will help you die peacefully, that is MURDER. They're endorsing genocide.

    What they are doing in China right now, they're planning to do in America as soon as possible, you have been warned, sitting around will not make this disappear, I believe in warning people. Government is encouraging people to get state funded suicide, AKA murder, they have ads with people saying they see bubbles as they end their own lives. But they are ending it because of government funded LOCKDOWNS which they are trying to bring back right now to KILL MORE PEOPLE.

    Some of the Chinese police hate they have to enforce lockdowns, you can see it in their body language, but they'll be replaced with robots, drones. Go watch RoboCop and The Terminator and Wall-E for more information. Technology can be good or bad depending on who controls it.

    Elon Musk said Twitter interfered in elections. YouTube @TeamYouTube deleted my 10K+ videos because of that. YouTube is ignoring my tweets & emails. Talk about bad customer service @YouTube. Please share this. Google needs to email me copies of my ten thousand plus videos. Elon Musk is trying to turn Twitter into the everything app like centralized China WeChat, video, banking, posts, conversations, audio, music, podcasts, etc. Sound like MeaOmnia.com which was a website I was building in 2010. There are pros and cons. What ya think?

    "Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"



    My Chirpty Grapes Tuesday The First Day of November of 2022

    Globalists Invading Brazil

    Danielle Dsouza

    Greta Frosk

    Haiti Didn't Get Many Covid Deaths

    The Big Three, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West

    Kathy griffith my 10K+ bikes, I mean videos, I mean YouTube did it

    Kari Lake Won

    Google Steal Elections

    Brazil Arizona Stolen

    Centralizing Voting Sucks

    Geraldy Nuked my Oatmeal Discord Server

    Up Chuck Dennis Nedry Banned Oatmeal

    Hobo Oatmeal

    Trump 2024

    Over 30% of the Arizona Tabulators Were Broken

    Twitter Staff Quit

    Taylor Swift For US President 2024

    Twitter Elon Musk Restores Trump

    DNA Sunday

    Elon Musk Lies About Alex Jones

    Children Murderers Are On Twitter

    Alison Steinberg @alisonsragepage

    Happy Thanksgiving Brain CPU

    Facebook Bans Britney Spears

    Classic Diner Trump Kanye West

    Free China Sunday

    Kanye West Tim Pool

    Twitter Elon Musk Africa Children Cobalt Mine Slaves

    Animals Circling




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